Popodax Ready-To-Eat Mini Appalam

4.8 5 0 32 32 A range of flavoured-ready-to-eat appalams Appalams now in your market with 3 new flavours 3 Flavours: Classic, Tomato & Chili and Sour Cream & Onion Availability : Will be launched in all stores and e-commerce.
Popodax Ready-To-Eat Mini Appalam


This is one of the best new products.When you are away from home and want to relish a home cooked meal. Having readymade appalam is a treat.I was surprised that the taste was so similar to ones homemade. Comes in different flavours too.Definately a big vote for this one. Even at home on a lazy day, when you arent motivated to deep fry papads in oil,you can grab a pack of these and your meal feels complete!
Very tasty no cooking process children likes more to eat
Quality is good Taste of flavor is less And salt is little bit more
Fusion of tradition and modern
I have tried the Popodax classic, Tomato and chilli flavor. For the price, the quantity and quality is top notch. Appalam is my favorite snack that I munch on at random intervals; Never did I ever think of trying it in a flavored form. Love the concept but it would be good to bring in more flavors since the idea already seems to be a hit amongst both the older generation and youngsters
I want to try. Never heard about this product. where to buy this product?
I don't know what appalam is, but would love to try these flavoured ones.
Yummy flavours you have chosen for this product. Please share a sample for trial and review.
Ready to eat.... Wanna try .... Something new .... Eagerly waiting
I wm a working woman and ready to eat food really helps me saving time. Pl share a sample.
I am crazy for APPALAM. I prefer to have APPALAM every day for lunch. Please send me the sample.
Haven't tried till yet .so can't review it. Send it for trials, then I will give u reviews
i have not tried this product.please send a sample then i will submit review
We south indians are fond of appalam. Would like to try it. Thanks for the idea. please send the sample.
I have not tried this product yet please provide me a sample and i will share unbiased review of this product.I have not tried this product please arrange me a sample of this product. Thank you !
Ready to eat Appalams would be great to try out with curd rice and other masala rice items. Would like to try the sample and give feedback.

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