Puretta Baby liquid Cleanser

4.7 5 0 13 13 Puretta liquid cleanser is a multipurpose cleanser to clean all the baby accessories, toys, fruits and vegetables. Made from natural cleaning ingredients, it is ideal to clean tough stains and is gentle on skin. • Antibacterial liquid • Eco friendly and biodegradable • Paraben and alcohol free • For kids aged 0+ months • Instructions Included
Puretta Baby liquid Cleanser


Nice product
I love this product is very good for health 🙌 please try it and then belive in quality of the product for the baby product..
This is very useful product.very esyto use .very useful during travel time easy to clean.user friendly
This is very useful product.very esyto use .very useful during travel time easy to clean.user friendly
good product
I like this product ............................... thanks
Nice product
Please try this its very good n nice product.it cleanses very easily n nice smell
Enakku one and half year baby irukku athukkutha itha vangure
I have not used this product brand for my baby . I want to try this product samples for my baby. Please send me this product samples at my shipping address for trial
ഇത് കുട്ടികളുള്ള വീട്ടിൽ വളരെ upakariyanu milkbottle ക്ലീൻ ചെയ്യാനും അതുപോലെ അവരുടെ kalippatangal ഓക്കേ ക്ലീൻ ചെയ്യാൻ sahayikkunnu
I never tried this product I would love to try this product
Wow.. baby cleansing... Nice to see this product. I would like to try this product for my lil princess. Please send SAMPLES,after tried I will give honest reviews.
I have not seen this product near my place. Please send me the product. Will try and update my review.
I want to try this and if I like I definately recommend others also TOO..SEND THE samples
In our family after 18 years we just welcome a sweet baby girl. So please send us this liquid cleanser. We really need this. She put each and every thing in her mouth. So please send us this product. We want to try this.

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