4 5 0 2 2 SaniPax hand sanitizer comes in a convenient cylindrical package. It is an alcohol-based disinfectant. The hand sanitizer retains essential moisture to keep your hands soft. SaniPax hand sanitizer is available in 100ml packs. It is available in a refreshing sweet orange flavour. You can buy on Amazon.
SaniPax hand sanitizer
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Good hand sanitizer
This is a good hand sanitizer. Based on fragrance of orange and lime. It kills 99.8% bacteria present on hand . It should come in fragrance and in more smaller pack also . I think not only at the time of corona but also on daily bases this sanitizer is used....
Good and effective product
This product is same as all but all about smell is of lime which is moderate and kill 99% of bacteria . Pocket friendly designed. Be safe and use sanitizer always.
Hi, I have not tried SaniPax hand sanitizer. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.

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