4.7 5 0 148 148 Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty scrub pads come with more minerals & coarser fibre to remove tough stains. Built in for easy stain removal of the sturdy tava, messy kadai and stained cooker. • Tough cleaning - Tawa & Kadai • Stain Removal • Does not hurt your hands
Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Large
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Good product.
I like this product is very good product.. it is India no one product.. It is Best people product..
Good but wears off soon
Good product but wears off soon nd isn't as good as the good old stainless steel wool
Review of scotch brite
Like its name it really make geesy utensils shiny. Effective product in it's own way.
Great scrub pad
One of the best scrub. It cleans utensils so nicely. feels hard for the first time. but becomes soft after day to day usage. The scrub is really good and easy to clean as well.
Useful Scotch brite
Scotch brite is very useful for cleaning, too good long lasting in good price
Bright with Scotch Brite
Married into a family that let their tea boil till the tea sticks t the vessel and there are burn stains, Scotch Brite Super strong is a God given. It helps me remove tough stains from the vessels. It cuts my work and strain by half as compared to when I have to use a normal scrubber. It also leaves lesser scratches than a steel wool scrubber would, increasing the life of the vessels.
Scotch bright
Scotch briteis so useful ,they remove tough stains
Easy to use
I have been using scotchbrite since the its inception. I was gifted heavy duty recently by a family member and after using it I was floored. Its much better on burnt utensils. So... Super impressed
Paisa Wasool !!
I have been using scotch bright for years now..Never had any other brand to recommend than this. Used this product in last few weeks and infact still using. it's worth every penny
Good product for regular dishwashing
Scotch Brite is synonyms for offering quality scrub pads for dishwashing and this one surely fulfils this criteria. I had bought this scrub pad at the end of last month and have been using it since then. Even after using it for regular dishwashing utensils for more than 25 days, it has still not got torn nor do I feel it needs to be replaced soon. Worth the price.
A must buy for utensils
Need crystal clear utensils? Then this is the product you should buy.
It's all type good product. With the help of this dishes are cleaned perfectly.
My mother always used this product.It is a longlasting product at good price
Scotch bright .
Hi namaste ,I always buy this product to my house and my mother in law house .it very very useful to my family .if I find very hard kitchen stain in utensils I used to clean with scotch bright.thank you for your good product for selling.
Long lasting
Good for the price .. and lasts long .great for cleaning vessels

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