4.5 5 0 8 8 Sterillium is one of the most used alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant. It comes with many skin hydrating ingredients for long term use. Sterillium is a propanol based hand sanitizer. It comes in a 100m and 500 ml pack with a pump dispenser. Sterillium hand sanitizer is available on Amazon.
Sterillium Hand Sanitizer
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The product is good
Hi I bought from local medical.. The product is good but the smell is very bad.. have to add some fragrance.. I also bought 1 more liquid sanitizer.. tht smell the same bt price is diff. Pls look after that too
Clean feel
Little drops of this sterillium hand sanitizer and hands are clean and nice n pleasant smell
Cost effective and safe
This santizer is by far the best cost effective sanitizer. It is very handy to use. I like the most about this sanitizer is effect of this sanitizer.i will recommend all of you to buy this for our safety in current situation
Nice product
I have used this product when my son was hospitalised.. it has good pleasant smell and unlike other santisizers.. it's more of watery and easily absorbable
Excellent product
It's a very nice sanitizer you will love it. It also last for very long
I have been using this product since march and i am pretty impressed by this one. I have also tried other sanitizers as well but nothing met the quality parameters of this one. I have recommended this product to my friends and family as well!
This is a trust worthy brand that gets the job done
Widely used in hospitals ....it evaporates quickly on rubbing the hands and does not leave any dryness. Some people might find the alcohol smell to be noxious but I'm kinda addicted to it Used for 6+ years in the hospital that I work
Good one
This product is widely used in hospital and doctors
want to take a test of the sterillium sanitizer and i wil gave my honest review
Please send me sample of this product because never see it in the market now I am using the lifeboy or dettol sanitizer
I want to try this product before buying so send me free sample product
Hi, I have not tried Sterillium Hand Sanitizer. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.

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