4.8 5 0 14 14 Natural Damage Repair Hair Mask deeply moisturizes and repairs hair damage, improving hair texture, elasticity, shine and manageability. For dry & damaged hair, Hair masks offer deeper conditioning than traditional conditioners along with many other additional benefits. We recommend following up your Damage Repair Shampoo with the Mask for a deep conditioning at least once a week.
The Moms Co. Natural Damage Repair Hair Mask
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New growth for moms
I have used this after my delivery it's just awesome products I have reduced my hair damage
Must try
The Moms Co. Natural Damage Repair Hair is vary good product for hair hair feels really silky and smooth after trying this product I relised that my hair feels so nourished and looks very sinny so I really love this product.
i tried ones its very helpful for hair grooth after few month
Hair mask
This hair mask once in month make your hair shiny and smooth. It also usefull for the hair treatment which is reduce the split hair and recover the hair damage
Awsm product n grt smell
Used it once, great product, very soft feel, i had received as a gift...
Very useful
This product was amazing and I am used this product This is natural hair damage repair My hair So I am recommending this product Thank you...... .... .
I had use face mask.but not this one because it's not available in local markets .I want to try it pls send me for try it.
This is best brand. I want to try it once. Plz add this to sample. I really need hair mask. I have frizzy hair. I will try and purchase it
I would like to review this if am sent a trial pack . Eagerly waiting for this to review genuinely
Mom co.natural damage repair hair mask I want to try.I have a problem with hair loss and dryness.m mother of 3 year kids.is it helpful for my hair.send me a sample for try.thankz
I first tym heard about hair serum.. My hairs are so damaged I want to use this. Plzz send me sample so that I give an honest review.
My hair is too damage really i want this hair mask i would love to try it please send me one for my honest review
My hair is too damage I would like to try this one pls send me sample for my review
Have not tried it, so would like to try this and review. Send samples

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