4.3 5 0 104 104 An irresistible snacking options that are completely baked and not fried! It is available in five variants – Chilli Achari, Garlic Peri Peri, Munchy Masala, Noodle Masala and Southern Spicy.
Too Yumm! Karare
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It really is Too Yumm
It doesn't only look too yumm it is too yumm. It's not fried it's baked. But some of them have weak taste but overall a great snack for everyone. You have to try this
too yumm
too yumm krare is osm , testy , and healthy soo i love to eat it
It's so tasty and with low fat because it has less quantity of oil and crunchy with very delicious spices that u can taste when u eat it and packaging is also good as u can see the packet.
This is a great product. Same taste as other snacks, but with low oil. Also, it is spicy & it's baked it's very in good taste..
Loving this flavour
Too Yumm karare is a very testy and that crunch was so amazing i loved it and that will comes with low fat and also high protein and carbohydrates. I'm love this product.. its a amazing...
It is very good taste with onion cream and salt all mixed
Tasty & value for money
This is a packet full of spicy, tangy & tasty sticks. It is crunchy and a lot in quantity for the price. This is cetainly value for money and not so bad for health since it is baked.
Iske test bahut hi achcha hai
Ise khane ka maja hi kuchh aur hi iska test lajawab hai ek bar khauga to Baar Baar mangoge large pap test iska
Quality product
Too yummy and nice product with good quality. taste is good
Baked healthy snacks for kid
Baked , crunchy snacks like there name.too yumm.my kids liked and not so spicy
Healthy product
Good taste very crispy and crunchy. I feel it's very yummy. It is a good option for all the people who want to eat simple and healthy. It is baked so everyone can have it happily.
Go try it....
Nice ,good in taste crunchy if you like maggi you will like it's taste too .
A new addition to Yumm.
It taste is average. Had it once. the good thing about it is that its baked and children can snack it and parents can buy them without any if's and but.
Non fried tasty snack
My son bought it from market and I found it tasty. Non fried yummy taste is liked by my kids
Not so good.dont try.....it is not very tasty..you can try others.

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