5 5 0 2 2 An authentic, popular recipe from Karnataka, Bisebelebath is a perfect mix of nutrition and flavor. Trumillets Bisebelebath Mix is loaded with the goodness of Millets, making it an absolutely Healthy, Protein and Fiber Rich sumptuous meal, that’s so easy to make. Add a spot of Ghee to enhance taste and serve it with Boondi or Potato Wafers.
Trymillets Bisebelebath
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Please try and enjoy the taste amazing experience love to have daily
Office lunch
Perfect for a quick office lunch. Have already purchased more packs to share with friends. Now office colleagues also purchased.
I like bisibelabath at lunch. Extra I like this product very much. This product has excellent review. It is best for hair bisibelabath. You have to tried this productt least 1 time
Not tried yet. Could you provide some samples so that can try and give my opinion.
I love to try this product end give my honest opinion
Not tried yet. Could you kindly share few samples for me to try it and submit an review.
I haven't tried this ,if send me a sample would love to have ut
I have not tried it yet. If u send us the product .. It looks interesting. Thankyou
I have eaten many authentic bisi belebath dishes but not this particular brand I need sample
Hi, i have not tried Trumillets bisibelebath. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.
Hi, i being south indian Bisebelebath is one our traditional food. I have tried MTR Bisebelebath powered but not Trymillets Bisebelebath. Please send me the sample. Will try and see if it can match MTR or GRB brand.
i have heard about bisibelabath. I want to try this. pls send sample to write review

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