4.6 5 0 96 96 Wow organics apple cider vinegar gentle and natural detox formula for stressed tresses removes buildups. Made with natural apple cider vinegar and enhanced with pure apple extracts, this shampoo restores shine and smoothness. Ecocert certified bioactive haircare contains no sulphates or paraben undo the everyday damages heaped by styling products and dusty pollution on your hair and scalp.
WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
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wow super shampoo
it is very good products my daughter having long hair and very tangle hair, i started using this product the problem become less it is very mild and effective product really it is very very good products i suggested to my friends to use this products
Perfect for daily wash!
My hair needs to be washed every day! Blame it on the oily scalp, the climate and the pollution. Walking out of the house without a hair wash is a big No! the unwashed hair of mine looks lifeless and brittle. I have been looking for options in this category where there is minimal use of harmful chemicals and when I came across this product, I LOVED IT! No Parabens and Sulphate Shampoo with the added benefit of the Apple Cider Vinegar is what exactly my hair needs. My hair feels good, soft, and shiny! Most importantly, I can wash it daily without much worry. Needless to say, my hair quality has improved and hairfall has reduced. I have been using it for 6 months non-stop.
wow shampoo
bohot badiya h ye ap log bhi use kr ke dekho plz tyr
Dandruff control
I have been using this product over a month now, as this is one of the best shampoo available in market for dandruff control. This deals nicely with scalp infection and main reason for that can be that product contains apple cider vinegar. This smells quite like Normal shampoo and does not leave any residue behind. One needs to mandatory include conditioners after each wash as this makes hair frizzy.
Fairly nice shampoo
It's been around one month using this shampoo and the results are not very overwhelming but ya it is fine. The shampoo claims that it contains Apple cider vinegar and it does contain apple cider vinegar. This shampoo makes hair smooth and shiny but smoothness didn't last really long. In evening hair feels frizzy and rough. I'd recommend this product to everyone but one need to apply serum or some kind of oil after using it. Definitely a good shampoo and worth the price and nourishes hair.
This is awesome
I tried it .....very good product ...liked it very much
great product
my hair feel soft after using the product . I believe the Shampoo works on preventing hair breakage due to tangling . I have not noticed any reduction in hair fall even after using this regularly . My scalp is oily and with this shampoo , I need to wash my hair Every Alternate day since this makes my already thin hair look absolute flat , limp and greasy . I have finished off the bottle but I don’t see myself repurchasing this shampoo just because I didn’t notice any effect on my Hair fall reduction plus like my Hair to have some bounce .
Helps with fungal infection on scalp
Hi.. I am here to share my experience on use of WOW shampoo. Few months ago, I had noticed increased dandruff and itching in hair. I used anti-dandruff shampoo which did help but the itching remained. I also used hair masks using honey, egg, aloe vera, banana, apple cider vinegar (all applied at different times especially on weekends). I noticed that washing hair with diluted apple cider vinegar reduced the itching to a greater extent. However, it did make my hair dry. Then I came across WOW shampoo. It is approximately 3rd month now that I am using it. The itching and dandruff went away in couple of hair washes. My hair is thick and have now regained the strength and shine back. It is still recovering from damage, but I am seeing results with WOW shampoo. I understand everyone has different hair texture, but if u have fungal infection issue...please give it a try. It may solve your problem too. The way it did mine.
It is chemical free parabean free this shampoo is best for hair, its make hair shiny n healthier thicker Made with natural apple cider vinegar and enhanced with pure apple extracts, this shampoo restores shine and smoothness. so I highly recommended this to all person its osm...
Best product
Product are good. It's remove dendraff . After I used this product my hairs are smooth .I need this product and I suggested to everyone that product are good and osm for hair thanku
Only natural Shampoo
The safest shampoo in the market for the hair scalp. Makes my hairs smoother and no harm to my hair. Loved it!!
makes my hair soft
my hair was never so soft, but after using tis my hair was soft.
Amazing product!
The shampoo works wonders! Makes the hair frizz free, lighter and manageable. Effectively removes the dirt and doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils. It makes the scalp healthier. The ACV shampoo has a mild fruity fragrance with zero harmful chemicals. It is economical too.
Try to one time
This is awesome product I think You can try it at least one time

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