4.4 5 0 11 11 When beauty meets healthy skin. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum gets you the even complexion you desire with a boost of radiant skin, thanks to its vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula!
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Best Liquid Foundation tried so far
I've been using this Liquid Foundation for about a year plus.. and it is so far one of the better foundations I have tried. It is lightweight, and feels like second skin. Smells great at the same time as it has a fruity scent to it. Knowing that it's somewhat natural in the ingredients helps assure that what I put on my face is also helping to benefit it as compared to an entirely chemical based makeup product. Only flip side for me is the cost as it can be on the higher price end of a drugstore product.
setelah menggunakan foundation bourjois, kulit saya lebih lembut dan 'healthy'. sangat bagus untuk kegunaan harian. jenis kulit saya - combination. dan saya masih percaya jenama ini hingga ke hari ini, feb 2019
Bourjois healthy serum
Foundation pertama saya beli lepas nikah,masa tu baru nk belajar mekap . Sy tau produk ni pn dari youtube sebab ramai orang sarankan foundation ni . Sangat mudah meresap , natural dikulit dan yang penting ada serum .
Borjouis Healthy Mix Serum
I really love the finishing and the smell. However its not very long lasting. The foundation wear out after few hours. Need great setting spray and primer.
thumbs up
My favourite everyday foundation and holy grail product. It gives beautiful, dewy natural finish and smells SO beautiful
It's Okay
The foundation serum for me it's OK. Feels light with full coverage.
This is holy grail status. Almost mousse-like texture, it glides on like a dream. Coverage can be adjusted, but expect medium at most. Finish is a dewy glow that screams healthy. Recommended!
Suits normal to dry skin type
I really like the texture of this foundation and the coverage that this product give me is nice. But after an hour or so, my face shines since i have oily skin.
Saya belum pernah mencubanya. Jika saya memdapat sample percuma dan ia sesuai pd saya sudah pasti saya akan mmberitahu kawan2 tentang product ini.
Lot of beautygurus said that bourjois have a great foundation as it consisted of serum that helps repair your skin while on make up, so I would like to try this product and the thrill!
Sy belom mencuba lagi Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum dan teruja serta yakin produk ini dpt membantu sy mendapatkan kulit yg lebih sihat bermaya serta kulit yg sy idamkan... Sy yakin produk ini sgt membantu sy mendapatkan kulit yg lebih cantik

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