4.8 5 0 128 128 Sunlight Extra Natural Salts & Aloe Vera promises to pack a punch on tough greases, but safe to use on your kid's dishes
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best dishwashing
save to used for kids toy, baby bottle and most important easy to clean up all kitchen ware with a very good smell.
best dishwashing liquid ever
It's odourless. All the dishes are clean. This product cleans the dishes with oil stain effectively. Unlike other dishwashing liquids, it leaves the oily plastic container superb clean and no odour after cleaning.
So smooth
It's so good for my hand and have a nice smell, it can clean all the oily plates and cooking utensils with the use just a little drop...it save your energy and save your money....
Good and recommended
Sunlight aloe vera is a good product. I like it. Thanks.
Gentle to my hand
This product gentle to my hand and my children hand, my children got sensitive skin problems, this product gentle very suitable for them
Gentle on hands but still tough on stains
I bought it because I wanted to try something which is not too harsh. I was a bit unsure if it will effectively remove grease but it did while still being gentle on the skin.
Been using few bottles of this. Also bought for my mum & in laws to use at home. Feels more confident coz it is natural and safe to use for my baby's bottles & etc. Haven't try on veggies yet though. No greasy or "fishy" smells after used.
Go All Natural
Received the trail pack and tried it immediately. Used it to wash my daughter's milk bottle and it washed well! It is great for washing fruits & veges without worries!
Grease and bad smell no more
My mom used to be a canteen operator and now has turn to become small caterers.. i work with my mother and we never used any dishwasing liquid or paste other than Sunlight. From lime and lemon... And now this flavour. With additional aloe vera. Good for my hand. It is worth to buy as only small amount used to clean all the grease and remove bad smells. Recommended to all as it soft to our skin and great in cleaning... Somemore, we also used this liquid to mop our floor. Seriously worth every penny
Tak berbau dan murah!
Tempted nak beli sebab the product claimed to be safe to children. Sebagai mak-mak yang nak basuh botol susu anak, mesti lah terasa nak beli sebab mostly dishwasher yang dijual for babies a little bit pricey contoh Pureen. This one is really affordable. Tak berbau, tapi berbuih banyakk. Bila cuci pun tak ada obvious bau sabun which is good. Memang akan beli selaluu
Sunlight Extra Natural Salts & Aloe Vera
Saya sudah mencuba pencuci ini. Ia tidak melekit & lembut pada tangan. Bau yang menyegarkan. Tidak memerlukan banyak air utk membilas cucian kerana ia kurang buih.
Sunlight natural
Saya cuba sebab ramai orang suka pencuci ni . Boleh menanggalkan kesan degil dan lebih penting dibuat dari bahan semulajdi , digunakan tanpa was2 dan selamat untuk basuh sayuran buah-buahan serta barang bayi . Pencuci kegemaran sy
Sunlight salts&aloe vera
Saya telah mencuba produk ini..sangat berkesan menanggalkan minyak dan kotoran degil.Buih yang banyak juga sangat membantu menghilangkan kesan minyak pada pinggan mangkuk dan selepas menggunakannya tangan juga menjadi lembut kerana terdapat aloe vera..sangat disarankan..
Sunlight extra natural is the best dishwasher
This sunlight dishwasher is soft to hand and smell very good. I love to use it everyday
A new helper in the kitchen!
Loves this one! This is my 3rd bottle. Its smells so soft n kind to my skin. Affordable and convenient to use both for my plates and the kids. I'm a happy housewife!

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