100 Plus Zero Sugar

4.4 5 0 39 39 NEW! 100 Plus Zero Sugar. Did you know we lose bodily fluids throughout the day, be it taking a shower, sitting in an air-conditioned room or just sleeping. Why not replenish your fluids lost and get more energy with this drink? It's sugar-free and calorie-free, so you can enjoy it with a peace of mind.
100 Plus Zero Sugar


Memang betul tak rasa manis gula seperti yang dinyatakan no sugar. So since saya pun tengah diet dan nak cut sugar dalam masa yang sama teringin nak minum minuman bersoda, so this drink very suitable
Taste good and it’s zero sugar
For me this is very suit for me . Every after work done have one this sure will felt better and comfortable Furthermore This is also zero sugar and calories free it’s very suit for those who want to diet . buy this won’t regret
No sweet and healthy
Among my all friends, they said so so only because its not sweet. But to me, I love it. Recommended to those after taken heated food
Fresh and energy
No sugar, good for healthy who's want to diet. Fresh and give energy after doing exercise
100 zero
To be honest, I thought it will taste weird but after I tried it, it turned out better than the original ones. Price is similar to the original flavor. Highly recommend for those who loves energy drinks
Recommended for Diarrhoea & Vomiting
This Zero sugar is good product when you have diarrhoea or vomiting problem to replace body fluid.
And Option for Diabetic consumer.
It is 100 Plus Zero Sugar. Suitable for diabetic issue people, the taste is great like 100 plus original but less sweet. and it give energetic for those who consume it.
Definitely prefer this over the original one though the taste is slightly bland.
Good flavour
Good flavour and still taste the same the normal 100 plus
Good offer from 100plus
Overall taste is good however if you’re used to the normal 100plus then you will find this to taste a bit bland. However, this is a good alternative if you are looking for low sugar drinks.
Less sweet drinks
I like less sweet beverage, This Zero sugar 100 plus formula is my first choice Soda Beverage, I like drinking it after exercising & hiking. it gives me fresh and energy instantly.
nice poduct
overall its a nice drink and i can consume it after i my gym
Diet drink
I like consume this 100 plus zero especially after finishing my gym, I feel refresh and cool after drinking it, It don't contain any sugar, I feel no guilty drinking it.
Minuman diet
Sesuai untuk siapa yang jaga kandungan gula dan utk diet sihat.Bagi saya rasanya kutang sikit la sebab dah terbiasa minum 100plus active dan 100plus biasa.Saya seorang ahli sukan,bila bersukan saya selalu minum 100plus biasa sebab banyak guna tenaga.
Good to try
Tried it a few time. Good and one of my favorite in 100 plus series.

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