4.3 5 0 12 12 NEW! 100 Plus Zero Sugar. Did you know we lose bodily fluids throughout the day, be it taking a shower, sitting in an air-conditioned room or just sleeping. Why not replenish your fluids lost and get more energy with this drink? It's sugar-free and calorie-free, so you can enjoy it with a peace of mind.
100 Plus Zero Sugar
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zero make my life happy
lebih sedap, lebih segar dan tidak risau tentang gula.
Taste nth different from ori
It came to my surprise that it dosent taste much different from the original 100plus..very nice and no calories,suitable for weight watchers!Highly recommended
The best drink
100 plus drink always be my choice to replenish my energy loss after doing some exercise.. with the less sugar edition is the best.. it makes my body feel freeh and energetic after drink this . Awesome..
The right drink after the gym
I usually drink 100 Plus before and after the gym. The new one certainly tasty with less sugar and I loves it. It certainly recovers my energy.
Great drink during fever
I tried this once when I had my fever few months ago. Since I'm not really feeling well, my appetite towards food also decreasing. So my mother bought this 100 Plus zero sugar for me to stay hydrated during my fever. The good part is that, it has no sugar which is suitable for healthy energy drink but the downside is that it is quite bland and I still prefer the 100 with sugar. But this is my personal opinion. you guys can definitely to disagree with me because perhaps we have different taste buds ;)
Memberi tenaga
Kurang manis dan sangat sesuai untuk menambah tenaga. Saya akan minum bila saya demam dan ianya sangat berkesan untuk membuat kn saya kembali bertenaga dan sangat-sangat sesuai untuk yang aktif sukan juga
Kurang manis
Kurang manis dari yang biasa. Sangat sesuai untuk kita yang tak minum air manis. Terbaik jika diminum sejuk. Terbukti berkesan untuk mengembalikkan air dalam badan selepas penat bersukan
100 + zero
Tried this product myself, not from hometester. Slight sweet, but acceptable compare to normall 100 plus which i think is too sweet whenever i drink it in room temperate. This is definitely good product compare to previous version
Great taste!
This to me tastes the same as the original 100Plus
100 plus
Minuman yang menyegarkan. Nak2 time lepas lama jogging. Fu lamak memang best minum nie. Takpun bila badan rasa letih.
Control sugar during my diet
Sekarang tengah diet n workout.. minum air ni je utk kekalkn tenaga sepanjang hari
My 1st hydration choice
Despite sweetness has reduced. The overall taste is great and it is my first choice on hydration drink after workout.
Saya biasa minum 100 plus biasa tetapi rasanya agak manis. Saya ingin mencuba 100 plus ini kerana tiada gula yang lagi bagus untuk kesihatan di samping menghidratkan.

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