Air Freshener for Room (Classic Fiore)

5 5 0 4 4 Feel like transforming your normal bedroom into a safe haven? Every spritz of exquisite floral whiff with a hint of freshness will help you add in the “spa touch” effortlessly.
Air Freshener for Room (Classic Fiore)


Beautiful scent
Easy to assemble and has a beautiful scent to it. I like that it wasn’t that overpowering yet just enough to still make the room smell so good
Nice Product That good for bedroom. Ok for everyone.
Bila saya pakai dalam bilik saya tidak ada bau hapak dan bau sangat wangi dan menenangkan
Nice and lasting smell
You can’t go wrong with the smell provided by this brand. It all smell so nice for every fragrance!! Long lasting and gentle smell. It will not cause any headaches or heavy smell. Best for bed room!

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