Bion 3

4.4 5 0 455 455 Revitalise and regain your inner strength with Bion® 3. This multivitamin is formulated with a unique blend of 12 vitamins, 12 minerals and 10 million TriBion Harmonis™ probiotics that work synergistically to support your body's natural immune defenses, activate your energy metabolism and maintain a healthy digestive system. Give your body the nutritional support it needs by taking one tablet of Bion 3 daily.
Bion 3


Bion 3 sesuai di ambil pelbagai peringkat umur untuk mengekalkan kesihatan badan yang optimum
Product yang sangat bagus.saya rasa sangat active setiap pagi. Lebih cergas untuk melakukan active harian saya.
More energetic and realises my face had more glow and less oily and healtier hair as well
自从服食Bion 3后发现我的免疫力增强。Bion 3也改善了我疲劳,紧张和劳累过度的身体。会推荐给身边的家人和朋友。
Senang dibawa ke mana mana, senang dikonsumi. Tahap kesihatan saya semakin OK semenjak saya mengambil bion 3
Convenient to consume, good for health. Can have a try on this brand.
prodak baik ,akan beli utk keluarga........。。。。。。。。
服用bion 3了之后,身体状况明显改善了很多,人变得精神,免疫力提升,家人和我服用后少生病,即使我们少吃蔬菜水果,bion 3亦能提高我们的免疫力,会一直推荐给朋友和家人服用,谢谢bion3
Bion 3 memberi kebaikan kepada kesihatan saya,selama 24hari saya cuba product ini dan dapat merasai ia memang baik untuk saya.
Bion 3 tablets are easy to consume and do not leave any after taste . Helps to improve my immunity and it’s very important to me to be healthy so that I can take care of my children.
Bion 3 adalah vitamin untuk meningkatkan kesihatan anda.anda mesti kena tukar vitamin yang anda amalkan kepada bion 3.sangat2 bagus boin 3
Due to my hectic lifestyle, sometime I tend to forget eat healthy . Due to lack of nutrition or vitamin, sickness may easier to attack my body. Bion 3 probiotic provide complete vitamins that need by my body. It also helps strengthen my immune system and smoother my metabolism. The multivitamin is a big healthy.
i feel energetic n feeling healthier than ever.. i still feel energetic even after going through a hectic day....
The Bion 3 multivitamins is easy to carry when travel as it is packaged in aluminium foil instead of bottle. After consumed for a period of time, I feel that I'm healthier and not easy catch a cold as compared to previous. Good product to share with others.

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