BLACKMORES Beauty Luminous

4.4 5 0 14 14 A refreshing botanical beverage suitable for maintaining healthy skin, Blackmores Beauty Luminous is all you need to give your complexion nourishment from within.
BLACKMORES Beauty Luminous


Beauty drink
After consuming Blackmores Luminous Beauty drink, my skin's texture feels smoother and soft, the complexion looks brighter and more even toned. The taste is nice and the price is good.
After consuming Blackmores Beauty drinks my skin feels as rejuvenated and renewed and my pore appear tighter and less visible. It shows a glow, radiant and shine complexion looking.
Youthful look
I like to consume Blackmores vitamins and collagen, the brand is trustable and reliable, this Luminous drink helps to keep me healthy. It make my skin look brighter and younger.
Sye nk free sample
Saya ingin mencuba free sample Saya nk free sample nk free sample...harap kami dapat mencuba nyr
Handsome Son
This product i bought for my son who suffered years of acne and skin eczema problems on his face. Once he start the product his acne slowly gone and his face getting flawless and he feel much more confident
Kulit lebih sihat
Selepas menggunakan produk ini kulit saya lebih sihat berbanding sebelum ini .Rasa yang sangat sedap sebagai minuman harian saya
Beauty in a bottle
Best to drink when it is chilled and definitely taste quite good. I drink it at night and my skin improves after a few bottles.
Blackmore Luminous
Taste very refreshing and yummy. Feel the different of pinkness radiant on my face after few consumption. Very nice to drink indeed.
So good!
I love this supplement! Rasa fresh pomegranate, mcm ribbena pun ade 😅 But overall mmg sedap!
Produk yang sangat sesuai bagi yang ingin kulit cantik,segar,lembab dan licin.tiada lagi masalah kulit kering pada saya

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