4.3 5 0 266 266 Want to clear blackheads & whiteheads painlessly? Try the improved b.liv Off With Those Heads plus Anti-pollutant and extract your blackheads & whiteheads at ease within 14 days of application. Say goodbye to painful squeezing!
b.liv Off With Those Heads plus Anti-Pollutant
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I admit it. I'm in love with you.
Hoorayyyyyyyy! Finally..I don't have to squeeze it out or pull it out by using masker . Just apply Bliv at night before sleep, once you get up in the morning...you can feel smooth skin.
Good product
Really help me solve my blackhead problem, also pimple can use this, I use this when I have pimple today, tomorrow the pimple vanish
Might buy the real size!
I stil in the middle of trying this sample. So far i'm very statisfied with this product. Easily absorbed, tolerable scent, not sting when i applies on my face. I also noticed the appearance of my pores getting smaller and my face glowing at the applied area in the camera. I will surely buy the real size if there is promotion of this product since i know this is a bit expensive.
Cara senangkan ada...
Berkesan mengurangkan whitehead & blackhead dengan senang dan tanpa rasa sakit. T zone terasa licin jer.
produk terbaik dan terbukti berkesan..
Masalah bintik hitam yang berpunca daripada pori terbuka di muka saya dapat diatasi menerusi penggunaan b.liv..keberkesanan dlm tempoh yang singkat ..muka saya kini tampak bersih dan segar..saya lebih yakin dengan penampilan saya sekarang..terima kasih b.liv
B.liv off with those heads plus 是我 从home test club 拿到的。我连续 用了7~14效果很好。我的 黑头粉刺变少了。我 最喜欢这款 产品Lotion ,它给我 带来更多的好处让我 減少烦恼。
not bad
It took me about a week to notice some changes with black and white (heads) on my nose after giving this product a try. I do have a nasty habit of squeezing them out and I shall say, they come out easily now I have started using this product. The best part is, they dont come back unlike before.
B.liv Off With those heads plus Anti-pollutantt
B.liv Off With Those Heads plus Anti-pollutant memang terbaik Dan berkesan
very good
very good product Good product, not oily at all will recommend to friends.
B-liv realy help my t area!!
So lovely with this product.. my blackhead n whitehead at t area so easy to clear..
THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST!!!OMG!! its really help to reduce my white head ..my pore become smaller within 3 day using this product!!!!love it!

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