4.2 5 0 10 10 Surge your body with greatness and energy for the endless work battles by drinking a bottle of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps.
BRANDS Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps
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Not for me
Saja beli untuk try and the taste was not acceptable for me la. But i heard many good reviews about it. Just give a try 😁
Brands. Sari pati ayam.
Sangat baik .. badan saya letih sejak akhir2 ini dapat membantu saya menambah tenanga sekali gus dpt mengrasankn minda saya.. sngt sedap apabila dipanaskan semula. . Terima kasih memilih saya untuk try . .
beri tenaga
Pati Ayam Brand dapat Rangsang tubuh saya dengan pelbagai kebaikan dan tenaga bagi memenuhi tuntutan kerja yang tidak berkesudahan.
Nicer compared with the original flavor chicken essence
Brought this for my FIL and he felt really energized after drinking chicken essence. The taste of this essence is much nicer compared to original one.
My everyday must-have drinks
I'm a working mum. I need to take care my infant as she still wakes up for milk very frequent at night. Before I was introduced to this drink, it really took me hard to wake up for work everyday especially i still need to wake up to breast pump before work. Now, i'm taking this drink everyday (weekdays), i feel im more energetic and can focus on work now.
Good for energy up
I will drink this when i feel tired and sleepy before i go to work. It really help me a lot and i feel i will stay more focus during i working
diuji produk dirumah
setelah dipanaskan sangat sedap dan juga milkbooster untuk saya ketika berpantang dan juga memberi tenaga untuk saya bergerak.
It helps
It helps tiredness, just wish it does not have caramel in it.
Good choice of supplement
Has been loyal consumer of Brands chicken essence since 8 yrs back. This cordyceps variant taste way better than original one. Can get good deal at Watson or Guardian personal stores during promotion.
4 star
dapat sebagai penambah tenaga sebab chicken with cordyceps
Has been loyal consumer of Brands chicken essence since 2yrs ago. Very like it
Dapat sebagai penambah tenaga sebab chicken with cordyceps

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