Breeze Gentle on Skin

4.7 5 0 1025 1025 A dermatologically tested low pH formula, Breeze Gentle on Skin liquid detergent is an ideal formula to remove tough stains while keeping clothes safe. It is even suitable for delicate skin, like baby skin. Breeze Gentle on Skin is gentle on skin yet tough on stains.
Breeze Gentle on Skin


must have detergent
i'm currently using breeze gently on my skin since and i love it so much. No more purchasing separate detergent for my kids as Breeze Gentle on Skin serve the purpose of cleaning clothes for adult and kids. #htcmyxBreezeGentle #BreezeMY
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Good smell & so clean
Love so much #htcmyxBreezeGentle Lets try using #BreezeMY for a better environment. Tq #hometesterclubmy choose me to test this product.
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Sesuai untuk kulit sensitif
Sabun ini sangat sesuai untuk kulit sensitif. Ia tidak menyebabkan kegatalan pada kulit seperti sabun lain yang pernah saya cuba.
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Mommy & baby favourite!
I love breeze gentle so much! Now I don't need to buy different detergent for my baby. 1 product for all! 🤍
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Breeze Gentle on Skin Selamat digunakan,sesuai untuk pakaian seisi keluarga. Membantu para ibu/suri rumah atau kain bapa untuk membasuh pakaian keluarga. Membantu membersihkan pakaian dan memberi keharuman yang tidak ternilai. Cucian yang sempurna
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Calming & Refreshing
Love the smell of the clothes after wash. The skin did not felt any dryness or itchiness.
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Sy suka keharuman, kelembutan dan kebersihan terhadap kain2 yang saya bersihkan menggunakan sabun breeze gentle on skin.. sy akan syorkan pd rakan2 serta ahli keluarga yang lain
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saya suka kesegarannya
#htcmyxBreezeGentle, #BreezeMY, dan #hometesterclubmy
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Good for sensitive skin
#htcmyxBreezeGentle, #BreezeMY, and #hometesterclubmy Since i tried Breeze Gentle on Skin, I already switch from other more expensive washing detergent to this, as I find it suitable for my baby and myself as well. So now my whole family using this brand as our main choice of washing detergent. Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin.
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A very good product
A very good product that i use now after i tried it before.
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Perfect product for my kids!
Good for my kids skin, as before they're sensetive to some others products. The smell very nice and isn't to harsh. Perfect products for the kids.
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Soft, tough stains, low ph
This is a low oh formula, safe use on baby clothes. It can easy remove tough stains. It suitable use on machine wash or hand wash.
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bersih,wangi dan senang
sye memang suka pakai breeze .sye biasa pakai gold colour and pink colour.sebelum ini ,pakaian budak sye pakai lain sekarang senang untuk sye tidak perlu pakai dua jenis .jimat tempat dan jimat wang. .
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Gentle, smooth, perfect
Breeze Gentle sangat lembut, harum dan sempurna untuk kulit kami sekeluarga.
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okay to use i not really like the smell
Gentle to use #htcmyxbreezegentle #hometesterclubmy #breezeMY
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