4.1 5 0 10 10 What can be better than a combination of chocolate and cookies? Try this unique experience of taste and textures with the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Chispmore! The brand’s latest confection seeks to excite both chocolate and cookie fans by combining the best of both snacks – smooth chocolate of Cadbury Dairy Milk and chunky choc-chip Chipsmore! Cookie.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chipsmore!
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Bolehlah..tak rasa cookies dia sangat tapi still boleh makan.
Gabungan coklat dan biskut....ha jimat kos saya...sebab ank2 naj coklat dan biskut chipmore..gabungan ini memang terbaik.... pic xdan nak snap..sebab ank2 da hbis kn coklat cadbury plus chipmore
This new CHips more chocolate is nicer than the normal milk chocolate as the chocolate taste is rich and thick, the texture is as smooth as the original Dairy milk chocolate, I love it !
Taste good
I like the combination of chocolate and cookies. It is perfect and with every bite I get bits of the chipsmore cookies which is super crunchy and crispy. Recommend this for everyone to try.
My fave brand !
I love chocolate, especially Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, this new Chips More chocolate is not as smooth as the original one, and the chocolate is sweeter than original one.
Smooth and rich
I love Cadbury's chocolate as it is very smooth and creamy, I like their Pure Dairy milk chocolate, but this flavor gives me surprise, as the chocolate taste is much more thick.
Kombinasi yang sempurna untuk yang suka coklat dan biskut chips more. Tidak muak coklatnya.
2 in 1 snacks !
Amazing !! this is 2 in 1 snack !, you can enjoy 2 taste in 1 time, the filling is full of choc chip, the taste is rich , the chocolate is smooth and creamy, It is a must try product.
Saya memang penggemar coklat. Coklat ini memang sedap, macam coklat-coklat Cadbury yang lain. Chipsmore tidak terasa sangat, tapi okay bagi saya.
Sedap dan chunchy
Saya adalah seorang penggemar coklat, rasanya sedap manis dengan rasa chruncy didalam,tidak muak
Cadbury caklat paling sedap..terbaru tambah chipsmore lagilah sedap..ank2 pasti suka ni..10 bintang utk codbury plus chipsmore..recommended
I have never try but my sister said it is very delicious. Would like to try it

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