4.5 5 0 74 74 <p> Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate with awesome fillings – Flavoured Jelly Beanies and Popping Candy pieces.</p>
Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Block
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My favourite snack and im so loved it.The taste is so delicious and i cant stop in every bite.It melted in mouth and so yummy.My children also loved it.Creamy and delicious chocolate ever
Suka rasa meletup-letup
Rasa coklat dan tentu sedap. Campur dengan rasa jelly yang ada. Paling menarik bila dalam mulut meletup-letup.
coklat yang miaammmm
Miaammm! bila makan coklat ni, every bites tu adalah surprise kerana terdapat jelly popping candy di dalamnya.
Is delicious!
If you like something sweet and chewing at the same time then this is one for your choice. The combination of the choco and popping candy, the taste was just nice and won't be too sweet.
Marvellous Creation
It taste good. My sister favorite choc. The things pop out in mouth makes you eat it with fun and interesting!
Sedap cadbury ni. Dua rasa dengan sekali gigitan coklat cadbury.. Kombinasi perisa yang sesuai.
Cadbury jelly popping candy
Sedap.. Sy hantu coklat cadbury.. Sgt manis sesuai utk pengemar coklat.. Cair di mulut mmg sedap!
hari-hari makan coklat
Kesedapan coklat cadbury memang tidak dapat dinafikan. Not really big fan of jelly but acceptable. Having fun enjoying it.
Cadbury popping jelly
Coklat cadbury tak pernah mengecewakan. Dari segi rasa, tekstur dan bahan dia semua memang tiptop. Bila dia keluarkan produk yang baru ni, seronok gila makan. Lagi2 bila gigit dia punya popping tu, rasa meletup2 je bunyi.. Dah macam budak2 je rasa 😂.
popping choc
A fun way to enjoy chocolate with the little ones. The popping sound makes it all the more exciting. And the candy added into it is just another treat. Delicious fun!
I like it! Especially the popping candy. Its pop in my mouth feels so exciting.
Never know jelly and chocolate can be a good combo, this is a marvelous creation! just as how it claims to be! I like the crunchy texture, will repurchase this every now and then to feed my sweet tooth!
Meletup dalam mulut
Terpengaruh tengok alien iklan tu makan macam sedap sampai mentol atas kepala dia menyala. Dah makan, tercakap patutla mentol alien tu menyala. Meletup-letup coklat ni dalam mulut. Pastu kena kunyah jelly. Puas hati coklat ni.
i love the popping sound and little bit crunchy texture..just a great taste to be addicted. love in it.
Love Cadbury. When I first tried this chocolate, I told my son you'll love this. He tried and started to giggles. Mommy what's jumping in my mouth. Lol, yes expect lots of poppin in your mouth. Then don't forget to chew the jelly coz that won't pop 😉

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