4.5 5 0 45 45 <p>Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with Shea Butter gives moisturizes and protects your baby’s delicate skin.</p> <p>Keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy by hydrates, softens and nourishes. </p>
Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion
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Not sticky
It is gentle and non sticky nor greasy despite its strong fragrance. My baby uses it until now.
Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion
amat bagus utk baby yg kulit sensitive & biasa.. melembapkan & melembutkan kulit bb.. rasa smooth je bila sentuh kulit ank2..
Cetaphil Lotion
The lotion is good for baby with sensitive skin. It smells nice for both mum and baby.
Good lotion
This lotion are good for my niece skin, her skin become more moisture after using this.
i buy it on my own for my baby's eczema rash.. it works to reduce the flare.. and now my baby's skin getting smooth and flawless. i love it!
Lotion is gentle on my baby skin. Taste not sticky.
Cetphil baby lotion yg sngt bgus,kulit ank sya lembut dan hlus...
My baby girl has ultra sensitive skin and we must keep her skin moisturized all the time to prevent the outbreak of rashes and eczema. Have been using this for 1 month and her skin is smooth and no sign of dry skin too! However, this is not fragrance free if you are particular about that.
cetaphil baby daily lotion sangat-sangat bagus pada baby saya. kulit baby saya jadi halus dan lembut. produk yang bagus dan saya akan beli jika sudah habis
I have received this product and really love it. It solved dry skin problem to my baby..
Saya dah guna,ok sangat...Anak saya pun suka.Bau pun wangi,lembut ja selepas guna...
Love this lotion! The lotion is easily absorbed by baby's skin, leaving it soft and smooth and well moisturised instantly. The smell is very pleasant and not overpowering. The only thing is that the price is a bit on the high side.
My daughter have a sensitive skin and can't simply use any lotion. But after I let her use cetaphil lotion. Everything is change. Her skin become more smooth and great. Tqvm
Love this product,suitable to my baby,smooth and love it's smell.
I noticed this product from a magazine and decided to try out since my baby's face was dry and full of rashes. Satisfied the result after used as my baby's face seems better and it smells good as well.

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