4.6 5 0 268 268 Introducing the latest breakthrough product by Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm that can lock moisture up to 72 hours. Formulated and manufactured in France, this hydration range features the powerful 3x HydraCalm action that aims to effectively restore skin health and penetrates deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration.
Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm
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Unbelievable of the moisturizing effect
Before tried i thought it was just an ordinary skin care. But i was wrong. The moisturizing effect can even beat my thousands Ringgit skin care. While the effect are same, why pay more? I will definitely use Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm forever.
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calming, smells good and hydrating
Its been a month since i used this product, i really love it. From the texture to the smell and also how it goes well with my dry sking. It really helps my skin to hydrate. I bought a whole set after trying the sampled sent to me. I really appreciate the sample being sent to me cause I can feel the difference on my skin after i tried this product. I rsincerely recommend this product if you have a dry sking. Thank you.
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Smooth, moisturise and nourishes
It is a very good product indeed. It helps to moisturise and nourishes my skin Making my skin smooth and glow. The serum doesn't make you have the sticky feeling.
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hydrating calm natural
It's budget range of hydrating series. Worth for money
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refresh, smooth
i feel refreshing after been using Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm.
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Gebu, kenyal semulajadi
Kulit sya nampak lebih lembut dan lembap selama 72jam tanpa perlu risau kulit terdedah dengan sinar UV atau pencemaran udara seharian. Ianya sangat berkesan melindungi serta menghidratkan kulit sya agar lebih sihat malah menghilangkan garis halus dan kulit kusam dengan Clinelle. Ianya produk sangat disyorkan untuk pengguna penjagaan kulit muka.
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Serum mudah meresap, best sangat!
Sangat mudah meresap, bantu lembapkan kulit dengan baik dan harga juga tak mahal untuk dibeli semula!
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It moistures my skin in few days
Overall is very good product, my skin ok with it without any allergy. I did tried the full range of product given by hometester club, and my sister also trying, it works well to moisture our skin especially the serum. We love it.
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A great product that nourishes your skin and give long lasting effect.
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Hydrated, Smells good, Fresh!
My two friends changed her skincare routine to Clinelle, because last week they came to my house and use Clinelle! They have a great first impression of it, but Clinelle is really good, I will definitely buy it by myself money. keep it up!
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non-greasy, hydrate, fresh
近期试用了Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm系列产品,来share一下我的用后感想。

 Cleansing gel: 洗着脸都感觉到好有保湿的感觉,不干燥,不刺激(清新味道第一次冲击你的嗅觉,在想着到底是什么味道,好香,好甜)

Serum: 这个serum不油,但不是透明那种serum。
 Moisturizer: (平时的我没有用moisturizer,因为大多都油油的) 这个light weight cream肌肤不会感到压力,保湿效果不错,也有减少油脂分泌,以前美容师常常的说:当水分足够了,你的脸就不会DIY produce extra oil弄到自己油光满面啦!

 至于有没有像官方说的减少细纹就不得而知(因为没留意或没有?! 哈哈哈,给我爽一下不行吗?)
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Hydrating, moisture and fresh
PureSwiss Hydracalm lock in the moisture up to 72 hours and it formulated with powerful 3x HydraCalm action, , having a total of 6 SKUs that effectively restores skin health and penetrates deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration. Fall in love with the new skincare products from Clinelle. Formulate with natural Hyaluronic acid that able lock the moisture effective in each layer of our skin. It leave my skin fresh, glowing and soft. Natural Hyaluronic Acid helps to restructure the skin barrier, forming a natural protective layer on skin to prevent moisture loss.
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Maximum hydration lock
I really like it. Ok, lets start with the cleanser. Its non soapy, love it. Serum is not greasy after apply, overall it make me very comfort & my skin not appear very oily all day long.
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It keep my skin moisturized!
I love Clinelle pureswiss hydracalm since its light texture and easy to absorb into my skin. Clinelle turn my skin smooth and more radiant. It keep my skin moisturized! I'm so blessed.
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Berkesan, mudah, jimat.
Produk yg sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit, terutama kulit kering dan matang. Saya suka kan lotion dan moisturiser nya. Dipakai semasa sebelum tidur, dan bangun keesokkan hari dgn kulit yg lembap dan tidak berminyak. Saya akan meneruskan pemakaian produk ini terutamanya lotion. Terimakasih HTC kerana sudi berkongsi dengan saya.
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