4.7 5 0 113 113 <p>Cloud 9 is taking a twist on Malaysian's favourite childhood snacks, turning them into a fusion of chocolatey happiness with new flavours. With the two indulging flavours that are Tiramisu & Hazelnut, every bite you have will have you asking for more!</p>
Cloud 9 Hazelnut
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Cloud 9
Sedap sangat, lembut sesuai untuk di jadikan snek.
Cloud 9 Hazelnut
Cloud 9 Hazelnut so yummy, anak-anak sangat suka..crunchy dan sedap.
Sedap gila
Sedap makan coklat ni masa sy beli tak tau sedap ke tak tpi lps makan sedap.
Cloud 9 hazelnut
Rasa yang sungguh sedap...snack yg mesti ada ketika travel terutamanya..anak2 juga sangat gemarkan cloud 9...
Same old delicious taste of Cloud9
Cloud 9 Hazelnut still maintains the good old taste of Cloud 9 , now with hazelnut nuts with creamy nutty taste. I love eating eat it.
Cloud nine
Super delicious..and im always be a fan of cloud nine because of its delicious chocolate.
Cloud 9
I love cloud 9 because i ise to eat cloud 9 product from my youngest old until now. And i start know about caramel from cloud 9.
Kinda like this chocolate
I kinda like this chocolate, I will miss it after a few months not consume it but it's a bit too sweet for me, anyhow this chocolate is worth what it cost.
Love this!
I love anything hazelnut so I didn't hesitate to try this product. I've always enjoyed other Cloud9 snacks. I like the taste and texture. I can keep them in my pockets or desk for whenever I want to munch on something. Recommended.
Rasa yang sedap
Cloud 9 memang kegemaran saya sejak dulu lagi. Rasa coklat yang lembut digigit. Rasa hazelnut pula sangat sedap dan ranggup. Saya sangat sukakannya..
Fav snack
This is my fav snack from my chilhood and it never disappointed me ! I love it
the best
Cloud 9 makanan kegemaran saya sejak kecil, sekarang ada perisa baru yang mesti dicuba. Sayang nya belum ada di paaraya tempat tinggal saya. Sekiranya sudah ada mesti saya akan beli,
CLOUD 9 HAZELNUT taste very delicious and nice to eat anytime as it is coated with chocolate which makes me feel happy to eat with my friends and family. It is really nice to bite with the Hazelnut as it makes me feel full. The packaging also looks good and I just love it so much. It is convenient to bring along anywhere as well as I eat during traveling. The price also reasonable and worth to try.
Coklat yg sangat2 sedap
Coklat yg sangat sedap dengan rasa hazelnut.. Dan cloud 9 memang favourite family saya... Anak-anak pun suka.. Memang enjoy kunyah cloud 9 ketika menonton tv
Cloud 9 Hazelnut
Saya suka makan Cloud 9 Hazelnut ne iya nya sedap n harga ye pn berpatutan.. sebab apa saya suka makan Cloud 9 Hazelnut ne sebab die best.

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