4 5 0 32 32 <p> Introducing the new standard of care in cavity protection provided by Colgate® Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste, formulated with the breakthrough combination of Sugar Acid Neutralizer PLUS Fluoride. </p>
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection
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Just for that peace of mind
I did not see anything different when using colgate sugar acid neutralizer. However, since I love sweets, this does give me a peace of mind knowing that i did try to take good care of my teeth even with my bad habits.
mColgate Maximum Cavity Protection
ubat gigi yang terbukti bagus..dari dulu sehingga kini saya masih menggunakan jenama colgate..setiap kali ada keluara baru colgate saya pasti mencubanya...sebab ianya pilihan semua keluarga saya.
I've tried this product and I quite like it because of the refreshing feeling after I brush my teeth. Also, this product is really good to use as I have sensitive teeth and it does not aggravate my sensitive spots. It leaves me with a minty feeling and feels refreshed after using it.
I have always like the taste of Colgate; perhaps because growing up using Colgate?
I like the refreshing taste after toothbrushing with colgate maximum cavity protection!
This product is good for sensitive teeth as well. It works for me.
I've tried this product and kinda like it. Love the fresh feeling after brushing my teeth when using the product.
i think colgate brand is the best this brand help me protect my teeth in a good condition i hope my teeth will lat longer and healthier it will give me a good image as more
for gums & healthy teeth its proven and tested by many, colgate is the best
it feels fresh and the whole family are using it.we love it!
I love product, its feeling fresh, clean and smell nice after using. Very good.
My family like it..feeling cools n fresh after used it breath vy good smell
My family used this product, its feeling fresh, clean and smell nice after using. Very good.
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection ,It is very nice as my teeth is very clean after using it.
As my review, this product does not give any effect like other Colgate products like Sensitive Pro Relief and others as well. It just a normal toothpaste with a not good taste for me. Hence, I not recommend this product for people. Choose a better toothpaste for better gum healthy.

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