4.6 5 0 21 21 Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste is proven to reduce gum issues by 88%. It is clinically proven to act against harmful bacteria that cause gum problems. Strengthens your teeth and gums, and keeps them looking and feeling their healthiest.
Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste
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Mengguna Colgate Pro Gum Health ni gigi lebih bersih dan nafas lebih segar.
Colgate total 12 pro gum health
Seluruh keluarga saya menggunakan colgate ini kerana membuat gigi lebih bersih dari bakteria dan nafas yang segar
Have always been brand loyal to colgate and really enjoyed this variant.
Colgate ni mmg awsome.. Sy suka rasany dan membuat saya yakin gunakan colgate ni
This is the brand I use 8t works great and helps the sensitivity in My Husband's gums and myself.
Gusi saya tidak lagi berdarah ketika memberus gigi. Memang produk yang bagus dan diyakinin selamat. Gusi sihat dan senyuman pun ceria sepanjang masa.
Saya memiliki masalah gusi yang sensitif. Mudah berdarah apabila menggosok dengan agak kuat. Apabila saya menggunakan Colgate Total Pro-GUM health, masalah gigi berdarah semakin berkurang berbanding sebelum menggunaknnya. Rasa segar juga lebih lama.
Colgate Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste has a great packaging and it is very good for the tooth as well as for the gums. After using the Colgate Toothpaste for about the two weeks the bleeding around the gums already stopped. It gives a great refreshing for the mouth and very convenient to use it. I always brush my teeth using this toothpaste in the morning and at night. It is worth to purchase and highly recommend.
Been using this and i personally think that this product has not make any much different with the regular one. Colgate is the best!
i already try this product. .and so suitable for me. .others can try to! no more mouth problem after using it.
The only brand of toothpaste I bought for my family usage. That sums everything up.
Kami sekeluarga sememangnya menggunakan Colgate® Total 12 Pro Gum Health Tootpaste ni kerana dapat membersihkan,memutihkan dan menguatkan gigi dan gusi kami sekeluarga dan memastikan agar ianya sihat sentiasa.
i have sensitive teeth and gum and i have tried Colgate Total 12 Pro Gum Health Toothpaste, although it's less "spicy" than other brand toothpaste but it reduces my gum sensitivity issue.
Provides great and fresh taste after brushing.Also very good for a sensitive gum as it gives a protection for our gum.
product ini sgt sesuai utk sy yg mengalami gusi sensitif.skng tiada lg pendarahan gusi bl sy mggosok gigi.ia juga membuatkan nafas sy segar spjg hr

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