4.7 5 0 9 9 Volcanic minerals from the island of Jeju, Korea and Binchotan Charcoal from Japan. 2 premium ingredients infused into the bristles of the all new Darlie Volcanic Charcoal toothbrush, giving you a soft yet sturdy brushing experience. Be ready to experience amazing.
Darlie Volcanic Charcoal Toothbrush
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I love it
I have been using this product and i love it.. I will recommend it to my friend and family
Awesome product
This product is really good and helpful. You should try this product and also recommend it to your family and friends. You will really appreciate it after using the product. Nice product
Made in Japan
THis toothbrush is Made in Japan , it is a good quality proven, the brush is thin and it can fully clean the inner part of our teeth, it can easily clean the gab between each teeth.
Value for $$
I like this Darlie's toothbrush as the brush is thin, and it can clean those inner teeth so clean. it is soft and gentle. My gum would not get hurt and bleeding so often now. I like it !
Love this!
The bristles are so soft. I like the handle it's not made from rubber. (although it could be not ergonomic for the elderly) The brush design makes it so easy to reach the back teeth.
Great toothbrush!
I really enjoyed brushing with this new volcanic darlie toothbrush. The soft and flexible bristles leaves my tooth clean and healthy😍😍😍 i bought one for me and one for my hubby😉
Well done
I have sensitive teeth and whenever I brush my teeth, it will bleed. But after using this, I notice that the my bleeding had reduce. This toothbrush is a welly done
Mengikut keselesaan
Penggunaan produk ini sesuai untuk pengguna berus gigi lembut terutamanya, yang ada masalah gusi sensitif. Manakala bagi pengguna berus gigi jenis keras, akan terasa perasaan seperti tidak berasa bersih sangat menggunakan produk lembut seperti ini. Overal sangat rekomen pada pengguna berus gigi jenis soft dan medium.
Its a nice product not too hard to damage ur gum, it very good for people with tooth ache.
I always got problem when brushing teeth. I hope by using darlie charcoal will solve my problem

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