DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid

4.9 5 0 32 32 A non-poisonous disinfectant that can be used for first aid & around the home - providing all-round family protection against germs.
DETTOL Antiseptic Liquid


My first choice
When it comes to antibacterial, I will choose Dettol. I love the smell and it's efficiency in fighting bacteria. Been using weekly to clean my furnitures and clothes.
I used this product to clean parts of the house, and it definitely looks and smells more cleaner, which is good for the kids health
It does the job
Cleaning always with drops of dettol. For me personally smel of Dettol its a smell of cleanliness.
Extremely strong classic anti virus cleanser
Used this to wipe all my furniture after quarantine. I have 100% of trusted in Dettol in the area of killing virus, even is covid. Will restock it again and again! It is a must in my house. For the health of my family and kids.
Trusted brands
Have been use it since mco in Malaysia. Really a reliable and trusted brand. Suitable for all kinds of housework. Can be use for floor cleajing purpose, furniture, clothes and even more. Safe and easy to use. Really like it.
Traditional way cleaning with enhanced usage
I like this liquid, it is multifunctional, i can use it in many ways such as dissolving it into my laundry (towels and bed sheets), cleaning my house (floor, furnitures), toys (sprayed and wiped).
The most useful in many way
Smell is acceptable not too strong and can use in many way such as disinfection clothing, floor, household use and many more
Feeling protected from germs
It gives out a strong smell of cleanliness. Because it is an antiseptic that removes germs as well. Makes you feel that the product is reliable. Perhaps with an handle.
Most trusted
Tried many products but this is the best..nice smell.whole family uses dettol
Good quality products
Been using this brand for my laundry and cleaning. Good for sensitive skin and smell quite refreshing. Sometimes it does make my house smell like pharmacy, good thing is i like those smell
I use this one utk mop lantai and add this one to disinfect the clothes The floor seriously become clean and bright after i use this one but a little bit no good for me, because its smell actually sgt ketara but is ok, still can accept. this one also berjimat, ia hanya perlu add a little bit to water.
I use this as my floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, makeup cleaner. i love the smell. kinda clean if my room smell dettol. what i notice is when im using dettol, dirt easily came out if use it on oily surface. i mix the dettol with water btw. very recommended plus we are in endemic phase. good for hygiene!
All purpose disinfectant
I love this use it in water to clean everything around the house. Has a lovely smell apposed to using jik of bleach to disinfect. Kills all germs and smells lovely
Most Trusted Product
Been using this actively since this pandemic, add this in every laundry and cleaning. It's a must item now in any household now, really trusted
My Favourite Brand
It always my first choice when come to kill bacteria purpose especially during this pandamedic year. I use it together with the floor and clothes detegent. Feeling that we are protected under it.

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