4.6 5 0 7 7 Dettol Onzen Moisturizing Body Wash contains unique formula that soothes and moisturize your skin. It combines Dettol’s trusted germ protection with moisturizer to protect the skin from dryness. It gives you 8h moisturization and leaves your skin feeling healthy, smooth and soft.
Dettol Onzen Shower Gel – Aloe Vera
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light and smooth
The texture is smooth, it is easy to apply with minimum volume, after applying and rinse off, there is a thin layer of satin based gel leaves on my skin, it make my skin soft and gentle.
Good product
I like the scent, it is very fresh and calming. The gel lathers up easily and it is super moisturizing and does not cause any redness. Affordable and can find at any supermarkets.
100% Clean
Dettol shower gel is very important to my family especially during MCO COVID-19. We have tried this product and feel that our bodies are so clean and moisture after using it. We have confidence that it kills 100% germs. Highly recommended.
moist and refresh
I've been using a couple month ago..its new to me since i bought..its smell good, moisture my skin... feeling fresh after workout and sweat... i be recommended to friends as my family member were using and they like it much..
smooth and moisture
I like its texture, it is smooth and moisture, it leaves a layer of silk on my skin, it makes my skin fully moistured and pampered. The scent is nice and not too heavy like its other range product.
Skin friendly
Kurang pedih bila terkena kulit. Kulit rasa lembut dan segar. Bau yang harum dan menenangkan.
Melembapkan kulit
Sangat2 wangi..rasa sangat fresh Dan kulit jd lembap bila guna..Dan yg paling pnting dpt lindung dari kuman & bakteria.
Paling suka produk dettol terutama dettol shower gel ni..wangi dan berkesan menghalang kuman..time time covid ni memanglah kena guna..recommended.

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