4.8 5 0 11 11 With DOVE 1 Minute Intense Serum Conditioner, find yourself with an instantly recovered and more resilient hair in just one minute! This nourishing serum conditioner reconstructs even most damaged hair and boosts its natural immunity to prevent 90% of future damage.
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Perfect to use after dyeing my hair
Make my hair look healthy after dyeing with henna dye compared to normal conditioner
Dove conditional
Good condition for my hair, will suggest to my friend
Best conditioner ever
My husband and i been using this 1 minute serum conditioner and it works wonder to fight against hair fall, and it leaves our hairs smooth and manageable. This is the best conditioner that I’ve ever tried as it have 2-in-1 functions.
非常節省時間! 以前我每次用護髮素都需要至少15分鐘,這個護髮素只需要短短的時間就可以讓我的頭髮很柔順。因為我長期染髮的關係 導致我的頭髮很幹每次都覺得很像雜草。很方便的護髮素,我應該會買來用。
Only 1 minute to have radiance and soft hair
This smell really good, and it make my hair look healthier and radiance after 1 use. It only require 1 minute to to be effective, really love it.
Bau sangat wangi dan Rambut lebih lembut
Saya sangat suka dengan Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioner Intense repair ni sebab baunya sangat wangi, rambut lebih lembut dan terurus lepas menggunakannya.
Hair serum conditioner hair fall rescue
I already tried it and i loved it. My hair become so smooth and smell so good. My hair less fall than before
This product make my hair smooth, i will buy this product for sure
Hair not so freezy
I kinda like this product, it makes my hair smoother..not so freezy.
It will be a good choice for whom only got limited time for the hair treatment before go out. Suitable for travel too m.
thumbs up
My hair become so smooth after one use! Amazing! like this conditioner than the normal one, hair is smooth after use, thumbs up

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