4.7 5 0 23 23 With DOVE 1 Minute Intense Serum Conditioner, find yourself with an instantly recovered and more resilient hair in just one minute! This nourishing serum conditioner reconstructs even most damaged hair and boosts its natural immunity to prevent 90% of future damage.
DOVE 1 Minute Intense Serum Conditioner
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Good Product
It works perfectly and smooth my hair. Bought it in Guardian after I finish it. Like it!
Convenient used
More effective than i expected. Convenient to use because can use even without use the shampoo. The hair not dried up after used it. Totally recommend it. Im not sure with other person but it is suitable for me.
Best conditioner for quick hair wash
I love smell of this conditioner. I also loves that it just need at least one minute to treat my hair. Even if I need to wash my hair in a hurry,I still can use the conditioner after washing my hair. And it works.
Ok la
Fungsinya sama mcm conditioner yg lain. Rambut sy takda masalah yg teruk sgt cuma gugur sja. Jd tak perasan sgt perubahannya. Bg mereka yg ada masalah rambut rosak mcm rambut tak terurus mungkin sgt sesuai guna conditioner ni.
Soft and shiny
Love my soft and shiny hair everytime i use this brand conditioner and it also smells good
Serius korang kena pakai Produk ni. Pakai serum conditioner ni lepas syampu, biarkan 1 minit pun dh cukup. Bilas. Memang rambut lembut gila!
Lembut dan mudah sikat
Best! Saya dah try. Rambut lembut mudah sikat dan cantik beralyn. Highly recommended
Serum for increase volume
The product works fine on my hair. Hair feels lighter and smooth, the creamy texture condition smells just like another dove range. No need to worry about smelly hair.
Dove 1 minute serum conditioner terbaik
Saya telah mencuba Dove 1 minute serum conditioner hair fall rescue+. Saya dapati masalah rambut gugur berkurangan dan rambut menjadi lebih lembut, lembab dan senang untuk diurus. Hanya sapukan di rambut 1 minit tanpa kena kulit kepala dan bilas. Kesannya nampak dalam masa 7 hari. Baunya juga sangat wangi dan hanya perlu pakai sedikit sahaja.
Best conditioner ever!
This is probaby by far the best conditioner for my hair. After using this my hair becomes soft and easy to comb as i had realy thick & long hair. I would definitely recommend this conditioner to whomever still searching for the best one. Thanx dove!
soft & smooth
After i have tried this, it solve my frizzy hair problems. it is smooth & soft. i love it very much.
The Best
Rambut licin dan mudah diuruskan wpun baru bangun dr tidur.. Sikat pun dh tk sakit.. Tq
Perfect to use after dyeing my hair
Make my hair look healthy after dyeing with henna dye compared to normal conditioner
Dove conditional
Good condition for my hair, will suggest to my friend
Best conditioner ever
My husband and i been using this 1 minute serum conditioner and it works wonder to fight against hair fall, and it leaves our hairs smooth and manageable. This is the best conditioner that I’ve ever tried as it have 2-in-1 functions.

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