4.4 5 0 130 130 New Drypers Touch offer your baby a premium diaper with ultimate softness, absorbency and breathability to keep your baby’s skin comfortably dry and healthy.
Drypers Touch
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Good diapers for babies
Well, actually I am hesitate to buy this diaper since it is quite pricey compared to other brands. But eversince my sister-in-law gave it to my newborn baby, I found that this diaper is suited for him. My baby seldom has rashes and less episode of leakage thanks to the ultimate goodness of the materials and design. Since Drypers Touch is created with Pro Skin Technology, it sure fast absorbs and distributes liquid well to provide maximum dryness. My baby skin is still dry even after 10 to 12 hours of usage compared to other brands that I have tried before. It also has soft elastics at the back waist for a perfectly tailored fit and also a flexi tape fastening that still able to attach and reattach for several times without any problem. I would prefer to buy this diaper online since it's much cheaper than at the store. Overall, I love this premium diaper that provides comfort to my baby.
The lines are soft but it’s functions are likely similar with normal wee wee dry & its quite pricey.
Soft to baby's skin
My husband insisted to try this type (since diapers got so many type to choose from) It's so soft on my baby skin and the most important thing, it doesn't leak at all! 5 stars!
Lembut sangat.
Berbanding dengan produk lampin drypers yang lain, drypers touch memberikan rasa yang lembut apabila disentuh. Bayi akan rasa lebih selesa. Daripada segi penyerapan, ia sama seperti drypers wee wee dry, dapat menyerap cecair yang banyak tetapi masih merasa kering.
Produk terbaik
Anak saya pakai dari size NB sampai size L.. sangat berpuas hati dan tidak mudah bocor tahan lama.. bersesuaian dengan harga..
So soft
So soft and save for your baby. It's worth to buy because price are reasonable with the quality. Comfy and fit to my baby. Design need to be more colourful.highly recommend
lembut dan tahan bocor
sangat lembut,kualiti terbaik. Tidak mudah bocor,sgt sesuai untuk kegunaan malam.
the most dry diapers ever used
pampers touch is the best diaper i would say.dah pernah try berbagai jenis diaper for my kids.and this is the best kalau nak diaper yang kering even anak kencing penuh sepanjang malam.kalau tak poo poo dari maghrib sampai dia bangun tengahari esok diaper still kering walau penuh.and no rashes no kidding.
Drypers Touch
Sy dah cuba diaper drypers touch ni.. Diaper yg bertaraf premium dgn kelembutan kapas.. Sgt sesuai bg mereka yg mampu utk memiliki diaper yg bertaraf premium kualitinya.
Good product
I always love this drypers touch. hardly leaked and always keep my baby dry. but due to the price is a bit expensive and it only have a tape type, I use it on my baby during at night when he sleeps. I wish it has pants type which it make it more easier to put on my naughty baby.
Good product
Very good product..utk kegunaan di malam hari..lampin x bocor
Soft texture
Received this from the hospital after I delivered my baby. Love the soft texture and I believe the baby feels comfortable too. However, it may be a little bit expensive for daily use. I recommed to use for newborn until 2 or 3 months before you change to cheaper options.
Lembut untuk kulit baby sy..lepas tukar pd drypers soft punggung baby sy x merah2 lg.
sangat lembut dan selesa
Drypers Touch ini sangat lembut dan sesuai dipakai tidak kira siang atau malam. Serapannya juga sangat bagus. Tekstur lampin juga sangat lembut dan tidak menyebabkan ruam lampin
Premium, sgt lembut
Sangat lembut!! Lampin ini sgt lembut, jika ia ketat utk bayi, ia tetap tidak meninggalkan kesan pada kulitnye & tidak membuatkan kulit bayi itu melecet.pertama kali saya dapat sample dr apply dr page Drypers, sy mendapatonye sgt lembut. Sesuai utk kulit bayi yg sgt sensitif. Tiada kesan ruam pada bayi jika ia penuh. Tape indicator yg boleh adjust mengikut size bayi. Bayi tidur dengan nyenyak & selesa dengan lampin ini..harga yang berpatutan sesuai dengan kualitinya..

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