4.3 5 0 490 490 Leave your skin feeling lusciously nourishing and youthful with ENCHANTEUR Nourishing Soft Perfumed Body Lotion. Infused with ENCHANTEUR’s signature fragrance, this non-sticky scented lotion leaves you feeling good while deeply moisturises and smoothens your skin.
ENCHANTEUR Nourishing Soft Perfumed Body Lotion
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Hyperhidosis problem vs losyen
Daya resapan yang rendah.. Saya mengalami tangan berpeluh.bila berpluh kelihatan berminyak dan tidak slesa.nmun indivdu yang bkerja di pejbat sesuai digunkn.kerana wangi. Mlengkapkan penampilan anda
lovely smell
If breathing in the scent of roses makes you happy, you’ll definitely love this ENCHANTEUR Nourishing Soft Perfumed Body Lotion ! If you are looking forward to smooth, moisture, nourishing, roses scented, healthy, plumped, hydration skin as a result , then you 100% MUST try this product. Never the less you have no more worry while spent your whole day in air corn room especially in office area. To have this ENCHANTEUR Nourishing Soft Perfumed Body Lotion is better to have a humidifier beside you, just placed it inside your delicate handbag & you can take it every way .. every time .. You deserved to have it !!! Many thanks for the sponsor to test this product, highly appreciated.
Enchanteur Lotion
I have tried the cocoa one, i love it. i thought it just the same with vseline lotion but no.. it does not sticky. i have not tried the rose one, maybe sooner or later..
The smells so good and its help make your skins moisture. Then affordable price to purchase.
the best sample
Wangian Yang lembut Dan mempesonakan . Tak melekit langsung ! Kulit terasa halus Dan wangian rose Yang lembut kekal lama, tak payah pakai perfume lain . Terima kasih htcMY ❤️ #htcmycenchanteurlotion, #enchanteurmy, #enchanteurnourishingsoft, #enchanteurlotion dan #hometesterclubmy
Rough skin
Good products especially those who are often in cold areas because the skin is not dry and highly recommended
Nice smell
Very nice, addictive smell. But not very long lasting. The price was ok as the volume was big. But it doesn't suit me very well. It doesn't absorb into my skin fast if i used the lotion only under tje fan. Great to use only in cold situations @in aircond.
Smooth and So Wangi!
Its is really fragrance full and made my skin smooth. The lotion is really rich with moisturiser element where it keeps and skin looks really soft and smooth. LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH!
Jenama lama tp bau dan penampilan baru
Penampilam baru yang superb..Selepas mencubanya sy amat menyukainya. Meninggalkan kelembutan pd kulit slps menggunakannya.
Like it.
I already try this product & i like it. The smell very nice & soft for rose.

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