Ensure® Max Protein

5 5 0 7 7 Ensure® Max Protein is a delicious, fulfilling quick meal, between-meal snack or as a post workout snack. An excellent source of protein with 30g per serving, it supports muscle tissue building for strength and helps you feel less tired in 2 weeks*.
Ensure® Max Protein


Bagus dan sesuai untuk orang tua
Beli untuk mak. Mak kata sedap dan berkesan utk tulang dia. Dulu sengal2 tulang sekarang dah ok. Mak suka product ni. Dah repeat banyak kali
Tried and suprisingly nice
As i said, i randomly bought and tried it, supprisingly it taste so good and not so thick, used to work in intensive care setting and tried several milk given to patient, saw these milk was kn the shelf decided to buy one and taste it, recommended
I love when I'll try this
Are Ensure Max Protein shakes good for you? Ensure Protein shakes are a good choice for those who want to increase protein intake, gain weight, add vitamins and minerals to their diet.
Healthy drink
Have it in the morning. Keeps you full, gives energy and you stay healthy all day long. The small package is very light to carry and have it even while working. No tension for keep the litre boxes in fridge. Highly Recommended
Saya nk free sample
Saya ingin mencuba free sample sye nk free sample harap sye dpat free sample
Maintain satiety and ideal as meal replacement
Balance and complete with high protein provides good satiety after replacing a meal. I drink it meal replacement on my busy day while maintaining weight. Due to mainataing satiety, it’s good choice as meal replacement although Tim not treat it as sport recovery drink. The taste is nice. Nicer of keep it cold.
Creamy sweet
It gives a satiety feeling after drinking. Satiety is the satisfied feeling of being full after eating. It makes me feeling full for hours without eating my lunch. Quite sweet and creamy, I like it. It packs with lots of vitamins and minerals.

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