4.6 5 0 41 41 Eucerin Pro Acne Cleansing Gel effectively removes excess sebum and eliminates skin bacteria to prevent bacterial growth.
Eucerin Pro Acne Cleansing Gel
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Excellent for acne
Effective for acne skin. Skin become smoother and brighter than before
Suitable for sensitive and ance skin
After 7days try, my pimple and the blackhead is less than before. And my skin looks brighter, had recommended to my brother too. I highly recommend who have pimple and blackhead to use this product.
Excellent product
I like this face wash which is fragrance free that leave no smell on my face after done cleaning. Most importantly, it also makes my skin smooth and clean after washing. It is quite special because it is soap free and I need time to make use with it since there is no bubble.
用了5天皮肤变得不油腻,而且粉刺也少了很多。。真心值得推荐,涂在脸上容易吸收,涂了很舒服,不会粘粘的,是一个很好的产品,谢谢HOME TESTER CLUB 选中我。
Best skincare
This is so amazing and good on my skin.My skin more soft and reduce my acne problem.It give me such a healthy skin ever.My pimples is slowly getting better and it looks it work on it
very good!
i've been using this for about a week and this product is very effective to make my pimple go away
Eucerin pro acne
Sangat2 sesuai dengan wajah saya.saya sangat suka.Tidak mengeringkan wajah.kulit saya jadi kurang berminyak....
It’s really NICE to use!
my pimple has disappeared obviously! really like this product! will buy by myself money hahaha
This is a great product for very oily skin. I've been using this and I loove this. It works wonders for my skin. But this is not suitable for dry skin, as it will leave your skin really dry. Recommended to those with oily skin
This cleanser make my skin so soft n reduce my acne.. It is also suitable for oily skin.. Very recomendednn
Make my skin so soft and reduce the acne problem.love it
Pro acne solution eucerin
Love it very much. Leave my skin soft n acne free. Less oily and be more confident doing outdoor even without make up.. 😍
Very nice
Can help reduce my acne and very recommended for acne prone skin
Kulit bersih
Lepas guna kulit muka saya jadi lembut dan bersih jee..rasa fresh lepas guna..tak risau lagi kulit muka kusam dan tak bermaya
Lembut pada kulit
Kulit tidak kering selepas guna. Terasa lembut pada kulit. Ambil masa untuk bantu kecutkan jerawat tapi kulit terasa benar-benar bersih

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