Freshcare Roll-On Medicated Oil Bubblegum

4.9 5 0 54 54 Feel under the weather these days? Get an instant refresh with this roll-on! The best temporary relief for muscle pain, cold symptoms, headache, insect bites, and a hint bubble gum aroma.
Freshcare Roll-On Medicated Oil Bubblegum


Baunya sperti bubble gum membuat perasaan terbuai ketika sakit kepala datang. Roll on ni saya bawa kemana sahaja botol yg kecil dan ringan sunguh memudahkan
Love the smell
I've been using this since 10years ago before this product go into Watson. The smell is so good. Its not a normal minyak angin that makes people uncomfortable when using it. With the smell of bubblegum, you cab wear it anytime and anywhere. Its travel friendly too
FreshCare Bubble Gum
Ohhh i love this kind of sweet smell. It makes me feel refreshed after i smell it. Also can relieve sore pain. I would recommend this for people who loves sweet smell.
Sangat wangi dan melegakan
Saya selalu gunakan bauan ini untuk letak di kepala sebab bauan ini sangat menarik hati. Saya lebih minat produk ini berbanding lain. Sangat bagus dan rekemended.
Bau yg best
Bau yg menyenangkan. Sy sukakanya. Bila sy sakit kepala bau yg wangi dan manis boleh sy hidu bila menggunakannya…
Always using this when having headache
Bubblegum scent with mintyyy. I love the smell so much. It is not like a typical medicated oil which contains the lemongrass smell
Feeling fresh all time
1 of my favourite oilment. The scent not too strong but have a sweet aroma. 1 of my must have things for travel. Easy to use and gentle to skin. I'm highly recommended this
Roll on that smells like a bubble gum!
The smell is nice and not too strong. Can be used for stomach aches. Can also be used as aromatherapy smell when you have dizziness or just want to relax yourself from stress.
Freshcare roll on
Freshcare roll on ni best sangat guna sebab bau wangi,berangin dan bentuk rupa yg menarik dan senang utk di bwa dalam beg dan paling penting ubat ni mnjadi hilangkn sakit perut saya
Recommended healer
When I'm headache, ache or feeling unwell i will roll it at the effected area. It make me more refreshing and comfortable
Bau yang agak lembut sesuai utk org yang perlukan sapuan minyak angin, tetapi buatkan org lain selesa dgn baunya
Roll on bublegum
Sangat2 best.. Sy selalu pkai berkesan untuk sy yg mudah pening2 dlm kereta.. Sgt2 best
People that have a rhinitis problem would probably love the products. Keperluan asas dalam beg yang sentiasa dibawa kemana mana...bau wangi sangat.. dan menyegarkan
Menghilangkan sakit kepala
Minyak angin ni wajib saya bawa kemana-mana sebab saya selalu alami sakit kepala. Minyak dia yang berangin dan berbau harum membuat sakit kepala saya hilang dan kepala rasa lebih ringan.
Haruman bubble gum
Dapat melegakan sakit sendi cuma roll kan dekst tempat yg sakit..bau bubble gum tu mcm nk makan je rase..

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