Gardenia NuMee Fried Noodles Original Flavour Instant Noodle

4.4 5 0 4 4 More than just bread, Gardenia is touching Malaysians heart deeper with affordable yet mouth-watering looking instant noodles! Available in 3 flavours: curry, chicken, fried noodle to satisfy your craving.
Gardenia NuMee Fried Noodles Original Flavour Instant Noodle


Rasa Kari kaw
1st time rasa terus suka. Rasa kari yang lebih ke rasa gulai pekat. Bukan setakat rasa Kari lite-lite tau walaupun masak tak letak bahan lain².. Rasa pedas yang confirm akan repeat on untuk kaki pedas. Mee kenyal yang elok, tak cepat kembang akibat meresap kuah.
Easy, cheap and delicious
Its easy to get, cheap on their price comparing to other brand n most importantly its delicious
Tasty noodles with original taste of curry ... Value for money ...
I'm impressed!
Frankly, I'm impressed with NuMee's product. I've tested the Kari flavour and the taste and appearance is nothing like the generic brand that we grew up eating. It's even better! The noodle did not get soggy after leaving it to soak in the soup, the curry taste is like real curry mum used to make. This brand does not disappoint.

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