Garnier light complete brightening whip foam

4.3 5 0 30 30 The combination of bright Yuzu Lemon Extract and Vitamin C, all new Garnier Light Complete Whip Foam produces smaller fine foam that gently cleanses deep into the pores.
Garnier light complete brightening whip foam


卡尼尔纯活性泡沫维生素C 洗面奶
Very effective product. Smooth my skin. Works as a anti-aging
My starter
It’s been awhile I have taken care of my skin post maternity. Hence, after some research many recommend this as for beginners as cheaper but with good results. Good on skin, no rashes, do feel refreshing after usage
Not the best for me
It was a miss for me. It lathers into a dense foam, not bubbly. On the skin it feels ok when washing but after wash. My cheeks would feel Abit tight. I think suit super oily skin?
Drying for my skin
Tried it once because I have dark spots on my face. The brightening effect is so-so because after using it for the whole bottle, the were not many changes to my dark spots. it is quite drying for my skin too. After washing my face with this product, my face would feel very tight and need to wear quite strong moisturizer so that my skin won't feel as dry.
Didn’t suit me
This product has nice and sweet fragnance but unluckily didn’t suit my skin texture as it is very sensitive and especially lemon in products leaves redness. I felt irritation after using it.
Like the foam
The foaming is nice to wash, feel gentle to washing face. Feeling fresh
membuatkan wajah kering
produk ini tidak sesuai bagi wanita yang mempunya kulit kering dan sensitif, kerana ianya akan membuatkan kulit akan bertambah kering dan mengelupas. mungkin ianya sesuai pada mereka yang tidak mempunyai masalah pada wajah.
I've been using Garnier products since 2010. Nonetheless, as I get older it's doesn't suit my skin anymore or maybe the ingredients keeps changing. I would suggest this product for my younger family and friends.
best for teenage
i bought this cleanser for my cleanse her skin well and doesnt drying on her skin.her skin becomes brighter too.she also use garnier light moisturiser and serum.the price is affordable too
biasa2 je
untuk kulit matang umur 30++ tak nampak kesannya sangat.but for my daughter 16yold sesuai untuk kulit kering. sunburn hilang,harga berpatutan.
Brighter and clean face
The product is really great and refreshing. Definitely a plus! The small beads help to light scrub dirt off your pores and leave you feeling fresh. 80% would Recommended this product
love it
it make my skin less oily . it also make ny face brighter than before
Make my skin getting bright
This cleanser make my skin getting bright, removing my oily at the skin. Since my skin was not sensitive to the fragrance so its can tolerate with my skin. The fragrance quite high. So for sensitive skin better consider it.
I had using this so long, my fash cleanser always, the price is affordable and it's really make my face really clean and soft, i recommend this product

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