4.1 5 0 18 18 Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne Whitening Facial Foam contains purifying Salicylic Acid to fight off acne, tighten pores and reduces excess oil. A complete solution of efficient anti-bacterial active combined with regenerating HerbaClear™ from blueberry extract to visibly fight 12 signs of acne day after day for a bright radiant skin. Dermatologically tested on Asian acne-prone skin.
Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Oil Clearing Foam 100ml
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My everyday uses, i love this product so much, been using this for a year, it's feel refreshing and the smell is my fav even tho some of you don't agree but this definitely should received an award
Pencuci muka
Untuk kulit muka berminyak.. rasa puas. Pembersihan yg agak menyeluruh.. puas hati guna
Best and moist the skin
I loved this foam so much..my acne problem solved and it reduces all the spot too.My skin more moist, barrier and healthy.It reduces redness too..i loved the smell and cooling effect on it
Good product when you're on budget
Living with acne-prone and sensitive skin, this product is my go-to product when I'm on budget. It works good on my skin but I don't really see a huge different on preventing acne. However, it is a good product and it makes my skin feel clean and refreshing after using it but don't put too much expectation on it because it's just a cleanser, meant to clean your face. nothing more.
Buih banyak
Letak sikit je buih banyak dan mencuci hingga bersih, tiada minyak. Puas mencuci muka dengan cleanser ni. Cuma kulit saya sensitif tidak sesuai kerana membuangkan kulit saya berminyak.
Good for daily use
Sesuai sebagai pencuci muka harian. Kulit rasa bersih & lembut.
Been using this product for almost a month. It was an okay product, but maybe it didn’t suit my skin type as my skin keep on having tiny bumps. Didnt really work out on my skin.
Pencuci Muka Terbaik Pernah Guna
Saya dah guna Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Oil Clearing Foam selama 2 tahun dan masih menggunakan ia lagi. Sebelum ini susah nak cari produk membasmi jerawat dan pada masa sama mencerahkan kulit. Perkara ini yang buat saya jatuh hati dgn Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Oil Clearing Foam. Masalah jerawat semakin berkurangan dan terkawal dan kulit semakin cerah berbanding dulu yang kusam. Ia tidak menjadikan kulit kering selepas guna dan buih yang banyak jadi seronok waktu mencuci muka. Terima kasih Garnier dengan menghasilkan produk ini.
Biasa je
Bau: a sikit bau wang Texture: thick consistency, pakai sikit je cukup Banyak buih. Jadi best untuk cuci muka. Tapi muka i still berminyak jugak. Just a decent cleansing foam
One of the best products at reasonable price to resist acne. It works beautifully on my skin.
Effective result
i guna pencuci muka ni when i was in Boracay for vacation. Yeahh cuaca mmg panas and i just purchase the small size sbb nak pakai beberapa2 hari je kat sana.. kulit rasa lembut even bawah terik matahari.. kotoran muka hilang bila lepas guna..and kulit muka rasa cool je..
Best sangat guna this Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Oil Clearing Foam.. Buih banyak and lembut je.. Sesuai giler dengan kulit.. After 2 month guna, acne dngn kulit berminyak dah kurang.. Rasa segar and yakin untuk berdepan dengan kawan-kawan kolej
can be used for regular wash but not for deep wash. not suggesting for removing heavy makeup
This has a nice smell, and it has a lot of foam. A good product to use when you want a face without acne. :)
This makes my face clean, smooth and now I've had no acne for a while.

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