4.8 5 0 40 40 1st GARNIER Serum Milk enriched with Sakura Essence, known to lighten and give glowing pinkish white skin stone. - Fast efficacy: your body skin fairness is improved in just 1 week! - Formulated in a fast-absorbing & non sticky texture that makes your skin feel soft, supple and intensely moisturized all day long. - Formulated with UVA/UVB filters known to protect skin from the sun.
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Serum Milk UV Body Lotion
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This is awesome
I've been used this product and it feels like a Japanese
Skin more radiant and glowing!
I can say this make my skin more radiant and glowing compared to the essence, it’s moisturised enough and I believe it’s more suitable for dry skin. Overall, it does its job greatly!
Like it very much
I can feel my skin fairness is improved and very smooth after use it . The silk smooth texture is non sticky and easy to absorb .The sakura scents is pleasant and long lasting . I really like it very much
Produk yg sgt bagus
Garnier satu nama besar diMalaysia yang terbukti berkesan dan feedback yg sgt bagus
Sakura white
Sangat wangi dan harum sy sangat menyukai nya..kulit jadi lembut
Sgt best
Sgt sesuai dengan jenis kulit Sy yang kering suka sangat bau pun wangi
Saya suka bau yanh sangat wangi , melembapkan dan kulit saya kelihatan lebih cerah dari sebelum ini selepas seminggu menggunakan.
Best lotion
No sticky lotion and the best ever lotion.. i used everyday after bath and before sleep.
Sakura scent lotion
This lotion is light and speedy absorption, its sakura scents is pleasant and long lasting, after applying the lotion, my skin looks smooth and radiant, my skin tone is lighter now.
Good Lotion
Non sticky lotion and very fast dry up.. texture very smooth
this is a non-sticky lotion and smells nice. really love the texture.
Smell nice and moisturizing
Already tried this lotion and it’s quite moisturizing without sticky. Overall it is a good body lotion which smells good for normal skin. And the smell last at quite some time.
Love it
The price is quite reasonable . Easy to get at any market or drugstore too
Smells good
Tried this lotion and find it quite moisturizing and absorbs rather quickly without sticky feeling. I had used 2 full size bottle and did not see any whitening effect though. Overall it is a good body lotion which smells good for normal skin but don't expect any whitening effect
Very moisturized
The price is quite reasonable . Easy to get at any market or drugstore too

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