Garnier Serum Mask Sakura White

4.6 5 0 20 20 Garnier Sakura White Serum Mask is enriched with pinkish flow-boosting Japanese Sakura & Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful hydrating active capable of retaining 1000x its weight in water.
Garnier Serum Mask Sakura White


Affordable Face Mask
Affordable face mask to use. It is quite nice to compare same range masks. I will use it when I just simply want to put a face mask. The price can be lower bit then can attract more consumer to try it.
It works
It really will brighten your skin if you consistently use this face mask. Your skin also will glow and the brighten effect is not the pale white, it’s refreshing brighten look.
good mask
setelah menggunakan mask ini pertama kali dahulu, saya terus menggunakannya hingga ke hari ini. kulit saya sering terdedah kepada cahaya, nalun dengan bantuan mask ini.. kulit saya terjaga kelembutan dan putih serta tidak dehidrasi..
Generously juiced!
I have very dry skin which makes my face seem dull as well, so I always look for products which help moisturize and brightens my dull skin. Sheet masks are often my go-to as it is a quick fix and I can bring one whenever I have a sleepover. I have not tried other Garnier Serum masks, so I can't compare with those, but I can say that they are very generous with the essence. My skin feels really good after I use is and I notice that the effects lasts for a couple of days. Saying this one mask is enough on its own in one week is overstating it, but I could afford to skip a few days of sheet mask after using it. So IMO, it IS worth its price :)
I love this mask
This serum mask smells so good. After 15minutes of wearing it, it makes my skin feels hydrated and plumped because of it contains hyaluronic acid. I wear at night before I go to sleep, the morning after, my skin looks brighter and hydrated. I love this mask so much.
Garnier serum mask my new bff
Kulit muka sy adalah jenis normal dan sejenis yg hanya pakai pencuci muka sahaja tak ada skincare lain a.k.a malas nak apply benda alah lain2 kat muka. Tp sejak 2 3 minggu lepas, saya ada cuba pakai toner jenama yg sngat famous. Tapi malangnya kulit muka sy jd kering sngat, so lepas stop pakai toner tu sy beli cream moisteriser untuk hydrated kulit muka yang kering, selama dua minggu juga pakai tak pernah tinggal tetap saja kering. Saya cuba kaedah mask. Jadi saya cuba garnier serum mask sakura white, hydra bomb dan light complete selama 3 malam berturut turut. Akhirnya saya dapat rasakan muka sy tidak kering lagi. Sekarang sy akan jadi pengguna tegar Garnier serum mask !!!
Garnier Serum Mask make a magic on my face
after use the mask, my face feel very hydrating and feel smooth, I like the smell too
Garnier mask sakura
Lepas pakai muka rasa segar , lembut dan cerah . Bau pn menyegarkan . Akan beli lg nt 👍
lepas pakai mask ni muka terasa lebih hydrated opcos, putih, lembut n gebu!seminggu sekali pasti akan pakai!suka sgt
So far so good
I tried once before buyin the sakura mask from garnier for whitenning. So far my clean is sensitive but after using this product no effect of negative. Great to try!
Garnier serum mask sakura white
Mask ni lagi bagus dari yang warna kuning tu, lepas pakai kulit terasa lembut dan segar, harga pun berpatutan, korang patut mencubanya..
good for skin
i was try this product 2month ago after my skin breakout because i use local product before this..make my skin healthy and moist ..and i also use seruk garnier sakura white and serum cream garnier..this product ablosutely good for asia recommended ..
Disappointing considering the pricw
I am crazy about sheet mask, especially the ones from Korea/Japan. I have this general idea of just how much you should spend on the price for the mask to be of quality and effective. While this seems to be better than the old yellow counterpart, it is still a big 'meh' compared to sheet masks that are 3x cheaper than this. Almost every sheet mask from korean drugstores performed better than Garnier masks (the price difference is too much, as well). You can do better, Garnier.
best product
seronok, melembut, melicin dan buat nampak flawless.
sakura spa
One of my favorite mask because. Love the smell, love the generosity of the serum in the pack, and so on. My skin is getting brighter and smoother~

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