4.4 5 0 19 19 Create your own tropical oasis with a comforting bouquet of 12 harmonic essential oils: exotic monoi blossom, sweet coconut milk, vanilla and amber, intriguing elderflower and jasmine, juicy blood orange, bambino melon and kiwi-mango.
Glade Scented Gel Tropical Blossoms
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It's okay
The scent is great,I love it! However it doesn't last long. Maybe around 2-3 weeks.
Lemon glade
Hallo Everyone, I’ve tried the lemon one of glade, when you open it ,for the first couple of days the scent is strong and after a few days it will start to fade a little.. I would still recommend it as it is not high on pocket
I bought these thinking they were going to last a long time, but to me they only last up to 3 weeks barely a month. Don't get me wrong these scents are amazing but it is still subpar. I am a scent fanatic, I love to have a stockpile of many different ones. Will continue to purchase if there is a good deal
Bau yang sangat wangi dan aroma yang menenangkan kami sekeluarga .
Sangat wangi...campuran dua wangian ni wangi sangat..masuk bilik pun terus rasa nyaman
Glade scented gel
The scent was sweet and very unique . You can’t just stop smelling it . It was so nice , very good to try it ☺️
Love it
The smells is new. Nothing cytrusi and light smell. But in long term the coconut smells getting strong.
Not bad
The scent is good in my opinion. Worth buying. Will recommend to friends
Calming scent
I put this in my car cause it have light, soft and calming scent. This new one from Glade is my favorite. Tropical smell will help you feel calm even the traffic stress you out.
Gentle smell
I usually feel nauseous smelling artificial scents but this 1 has a really soothing smell.
Scent slightly strong for me. The gel dries up easily as my car was often park outside of building.
Menyegarkan dan Harum
Haruman Glade bercirikan tropika iaitu bauan kelapa dan bunga blossom sangat menyegarkan dan wangi. Saya akan meletakkan pewangi ini di ruang tamu dan di bilik tidur kerana aromanya sangat menenangkan.
Biasa guna yang lavender punya...yang ni belum try dan semoga dapat test didalm bilik
Haruman Glade bercirikan tropika iaitu bauan kelapa dan bunga blossom sangat menyegarkan dan wangi. Sangat sesuai diletakkan di dalam rumah dan juga di dalam kereta..
I have troed another smell and so have a good smile.. and i love to tried this smell to

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