4.5 5 0 6 6 Glo Pure & Clear has been specially designed with simple yet effective ingredients without compromise for you and your family. Safe for children's dishes.
Glo Pure & Clear Aloe Vera Dishwashing Liquid
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Clean and safe
I like this Glo dish wash as it can easily clean the oily and dirty plate. and there is no strong smell left on the plate after washing. The big size packing can use for long period.
Gentle on hand
This dishwasher is good and gentle on hand. Not only that it can be used on washing children utensils. Therefore, you don't ave to buy 2 types of dishwasher. Just one type will do. Highly recommended for those parents who have small kids at home.
masalah tangan pedih waktu cuci pinggan ? jangan risau glo kan ada. cuci pingan bersih tangan pula tak pedih ! lepasni dah tkde lagi alasan cuci pinggan tangan pedih. terima kasih glo !
gentle dishwashing liquid
It is a gentle dishwashing liquid to kid as well as to my dry hand. Yet it is effectively clean those oily dishes.
Sangat bagus
Sangat bagus..segala minyak di pinggan terus hilang..disyorkan
The best dish cleansing soap
I love the nature ingredients which contain aloe vera. Plus its texture not to thick and soft to my sensitive skin.
I really want to try this product since it look like better then the product i'am using now

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