GOOD VIRTUES CO Radiant & Renewing Body Salt Scrub

3.7 5 0 5 5 Gently exfoliates dead skin cells for softness and smoothness. This scrub helps to reveals fairer, brighter, more radiant skin. So let your inner light shine!
GOOD VIRTUES CO Radiant & Renewing Body Salt Scrub


Good Exfoliator
I have bought this scrub from an outlet and very satisfied with the instant effect for the skin. Your skin feel softer and of course clean after scrubbing. It did not leave any disturbing texture of feels on skin. Does not irritate the skin and your skin feel smoother after each scrub session you applied.
body scrub
it is a scrub which can use to remove body dirties. Affortable and good in cleaning
Immediate smooth and glowing skin!! Smells so good!
I have been using this for two months and I love it a lot! I enjoy the scent because it's so soothing and relaxing. The texture of this scrub is not too harsh and not too gentle. I can immediately feel my skin getting smoother and more radiant afterwards. I like to wear it before I start waxing/epilating because it helps to soften my skin before removing unwanted hair from my body. Price wise, I think it's affordable and this tub can last for quite some time before you run out of it. I did get mine during a sale but the normal price wasn't too expensive either. I recommend getting this if you're looking for a good scrub at an affordable price. I would guarantee that you will fall in love with its scent and be obsessed with the results, just like I did.
Value for Money
Oil base texture leaving you feel moisturize and restore skin glow finishing after scrub. While using it, the ingredients melt-on-your-body and easy to raise by water while u taking bath.
Daily body scrub
Good Virtues Co. body salt scrub is gentle enough for my daily use, the textures are solid and it leave good moisture on me after wash off. BUT, the fragrance is too strong and not the smell i can accept.

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