4.8 5 0 4 4 Goodday Balance Susu Rendah Lemak (Low Fat Milk) contains less than 1.5% milk fat, high calcium helps in developing strong bones and teeth; vitamin D needed for better calcium absorption; vitamin B12 for red blood cell production; and with niacin needed for release energy from protein, fats and carbohydrate, protein to build and repair body tissue and is essential for growth and development. This halal certified pasteurised recombined milk retails in a 1L pack, bearing the FSC and Healthier Choice logos.
Goodday Balance Low Fat Milk
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Good taste
My all family member like it. Taste is good and price also acceptable.
Tiada bau & sesuai dengan Saya yang memang tidak boleh terhidu bau daging, dah banyak kali beli. Memang sedap & berbaloi
Nice meal for diet. Affordable price. Easy to store.
So creamy
Sedap dan rasa creamy...standing dengan susu² lain..
Minuman dr Goodday ini sgt sesuai utk pencinta diet..rendah lemak..tinggi kalsium,vitamin D dan B12 utk kesihatan anda..sgt recommanded

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