4.8 5 0 16 16 For hair care that's engineered to men's specific needs, try Head and Shoulder Ultra Men Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This world's No.1 selling anti-dandruff shampoo deeply purifies, balances oily scalp and reduces scalp itching! Stay 100% confident with dandruff-free* hair all day with Head and Shoulder Ultra Men Cool Menthol Anti Dandruff Shampoo
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Suami ada masalah kelemumur.. Selepas menggunakan masalah kegatalan kulit kepala tiada lagi..baju berwarna gelap boleh je pkai sebab salji di kepala tiada lagi😂😂
Shampoo ini sangat best digunakan..menyegarkan kulit kepala.rasa sangat sejuk.rambut pun bersinar dan tidak kering
Excellent Shampoo
I was a sincere user of HEAD & SHOULDER SHAMPOO. i hav a bad danduff problem before married. I use alot shampoo but all gave me unhappy results. Finally i tried this Head & Shoulder shampoo. I was amazed by the results within 2 weeks using it. After marriage..my husband having mild danduff problem because ways working in hot place and wearing helmets. I recommended him this new Men Head & Shoulder Syampoo. One week using it ..he was really happy with that results. No more itchy and no more danduff. Tq alot HEAD & SHOULDER for gaving a good products for haircare.
Best dandruff shampoo for men
This shampoo really helps to remove dandruff and smells great!
Pengguna setia
Suami saya sgt2 serasi gan shampoo ni dah 2 tahun gune jenama ni
Great product, Clean feel
After a long day at work, using this product leaves my hair feeling clean and bouncy as well as keeping the dandruff problem away!
Ultra men cool
My husband feel fresh after use it and more comfortable.
love the cool
Head and Shoulder is so popular with its menthol based shampoo that makes the scalp feel fresh and minty. It is very suitable for men to use and have this as their compulsory-must-have toiletries. just love it
the smells and effects just mind-blowing. Both of my men are active in sports after the shower just love to smell their hair. The price also reasonable.
Best shampoo for men
My hubby's dandruff problem has been resolved.. now no more dandruff hair.
Satisfied customer
I bought it for my lil bro n he said it helps him with his hair issues a lot
It's so cool and feel fresh after using. Especially during hot weather.
Active Boys in The House
This shampoo is great and I tried it for my husband and my son.T he smells and effects just mind-blowing. Both of my men are active in sports after the shower just love to smell their hair. The price also reasonable.
My husband used a different brand. I would really want to gave him this to try it out.
Setiap hari pakai tudung dan rambut jd lembap dan jadi banyak kelumumur.saya mencari produk yg boleh mencuci rambut keseluruhan sekali gus menghilangkan minyak yg menjadi punca rambut saya makin banyak kelumumur.

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