5 5 0 5 5 For all-day flawless hair, try Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner. Designed with moisturising agents and the natural Argan oil, a luxurious natural ingredient well known in beauty and hair care, leave your hair feeling moisturised and glossy soft after every wash.
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rambut menjadi lembut
suka sangat dengan perapi head & shoulders. rambut menjadi lembut dan senang diurus.
Only need a very little amount to lather on my hair.Love the scent and it's easy to rinse off since it doesn't make my hair super oily and just enough to moisturize.My hair is more manageable compared to not using a conditioner at all
Smooth and manageable
This conditioner is very good..Feel milky when you massage it onto your scalp and hair..Your hair very smooth and manageable after using it..Super easy to rinse and you would not feel greasy on your scalp..The best conditioner I had tried..You would not regret if you purchase and using it.. Affordable price..
sangat menyukainya
perapi Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner untuk rambut yang kekal anggun sepanjang hari.
Good for scalp
I love this product, the smell and my scalp is getting healthy. No more itchy scalp. the smell really nice. I think so far everything is okay nothing to improve. YES ill recommend

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