4.3 5 0 8 8 In2it Blur & Matte Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ is designed to improve the wear of make-up with its lightweight texture, blur the appearance of pores, leave the skin soft and smooth, control exceed oil and shine for a matte complexion, retain moisture, and provide lightening and moisturising properties thanks to natural extracts and vitamin E.
In2it Blur & Matte Foundation SPF 30 PA+++
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Awesome Foundation
The price for a tube of foundation is reasonable. Less fragrance and no any distinctive smell. I like how it lighten the skin. Low- medium coverage. Recommended this for a first timer in using foundation.
Rasa ringan dan mudah blend dengan muka. Foundation beserta blusher. Sangat recommend.
Sangat suka
Sangat ringan pada kulit dan tidak berminyak.Senang di bawah dan murah
Love it
Reduce my pores and make my makeup smooth.It is a great base before put any makeup at our face.
Best product ever
I have tried this on my face. Bila apply dekat muka, pores nampak kurang. Not too oily. Saya puas hati bila pakai. Recommended
Very good and will repurchase. Really helps my makeup last long.
Medium coverage
Easy to blend and suitable for daily use. Light and suitable for dry skin
Not bad
This product overall ok but not suitable for me because its not lasting.. Too oily
saya ingin mencuba produk ini... apabila saya keluar rumah untuk berjalan2 saya selalu tidak mengenakan mekap...bila adanya prodak ini saya sangat sangat menginginkanya
I would like to try this product because I have never applied any foundation to my face... Pls let me try this In2it Blur & Matte Foundation SPF 30
Ingin mencuba produk ini..berharap agar mendapat merasai penggunaan produk ini

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