4.7 5 0 18 18 <p>Are you looking for a long lasting eyeliner? Well, IN2IT Gel Stay is perfect for you! It is easy to use, just twist up the liner, and draw your detailed eye line then you can twist down the liner when you have finished. This IN2IT product is waterproof and easy to apply and remove too. </p>
IN2IT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil
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I really like this eyeliner because it last for 24 hours and it doesn’t smudge at all. U can wear it as ur daily basic makeup and it will make u look stunning all day. So I really recommended this product if u want to grab it. The price is really good with this kind of product
Repurchased again and again
I have repurchased 4 times ever since i first tried it. It is long lasting, pigmented , easy application , and gives a natural finish with GSL02 dark brown
produk ni sangat best dan longlasting. tak comot pun bila pakai.
This is a really awesome eyeliner! My sister recommended this to me and I'm happy to say that I am not disappointed. It is a gel eyeliner but in pencil form making this so convenient! The colour is highly pigmented and glides on very smoothly. It takes a while to dry, but once it does, it rarely smudges. I've tried it on long hot humid days and it has lasted for at least 12 hours! It is also waterproof (i'm a cryer, so yay! lol). The package comes with a free sharpener too so thats cool.
Senang apabila memakai .tak comot apabila berpeluh .
Soft on eyes
My first time trying in2it and i was satisfied with the eyeliner. Highly pigmented and easy to put on. However, once you have your eyeshadow on, it's took the eyeshadow a lot and left with no eyeliner except for the part without eyeshadow.
best one
the best one out there. easy to use. not messy and i love it.
Long Lasting & Easily use
Sdh mgunakan brand In2it ni sejak tahun 2009 sampailah skrg ketika msh bkeja dlm bidang Customer Service. Sgt2 suka..sgt sng nak guna..tahan lama dan sgt2 terang.. I ❤ it so much & jrg dh nak tukar2 brand lain.
This in2it gel eyeliner is very affordable and easy to use.. not messy if sweat..
IN2IT WATERPROOF GEL EYELINER PENCIL is favourite eyeliner! SUPER EASY to use & LONG LASTING! Even if I accidentally rub my eyes, still NO EFFECT, the EYELINER still there.. suitable for active woman nowadays.. I like it sooo much!
Best! Tak comot bila berpeluh. Biasanya eye liner kalau berpeluh je, mula lah mata nampak macam zombie dah haha
Easy to use. Waterproof and long lasting when wearing this eyeliner. I loved this brand cause i always use it
Great eyeliner i have try n important thing is waterproof and easy to use..
Drugstore brand, IN2IT is affordable and good in quality. This eyeliner doesn't smudge easily and easy to apply. Be sure to replace the cap after use to prevent product from drying otherwise need to shapen it before use. I bought it from my friend's recommedation and I agree that it is worth my money. Highly recommended.
This is great as I accidentally rub my eyes from time to time and this eyeliner does not smudge. Easy to apply and looks sharp and defined!

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