4.4 5 0 25 25 Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion features a light texture that it can quickly absorb into the skin. It enriched with natural minerals and aqua moisture essence from the blue depths of the ocean. Jonhson’s Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion provide day-long hydration for the skin.
Johnson's Body Care Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion
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First tried it in Thailand, pretty happy to see it enters Malaysian market. I love the smell and light texture which is different from other oily lotion. The best thing is, my skin felt mosturised the whole day. Will buy again and again
Always using this before go to work. Really smells good and it is not greasy at all .So I WILL recommend this product to my friends
i have try this before , it won't feel sticky and i like the smell....smell very good...i like this lotion.
Bau yang segar dan harum. kulit licin dan memuaskan setelah menggunakannya. Produk terbaik...
I love this product because it fast absorption and not greasy. It also help to solve my dry skin problem
i love how this lotion slips into my skin without leaving any greasy feeling. The smell is so aromatic and definitely a lotion i put inside my handbag.. it makes my kin feeling smoothing and silky after applying it on my hands.
Bau yang segar dan sangat lembut pada kulit. Tidak melekit ketika berpeluh dan sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit.
1 and my baby use this lotion from few years ogo until now.
Love the smell. It's not greasy and fast absorption.
i and my hubby use this lotion from few years ago until now. its very hydration & moisture for our dry skin. We use many brand of lotion before this, compare with this lotion all of them is abit oily. And this is not oily at all.
ohnson always is my first choice. Even shampoos, soap, body foam , lotion, really moisturize my every part of my body and make my day fresh. Love you much!
first sight impression about this product is more to moisturising our skin. i recommend this for all dry skin and very help to moist the skin. you will surely dont get a rash skin once applying to the skin.
Memang terbaik produk ini kerana memberi kulit saya sentiasa halus, melembap dan memberi haruman segar sepanjang hari.
i use johnson baby lotion since young, love the "baby smell". but this new product-oxygen fresh gel lotion seems very interesting to me. would try later on.
JOHNSON'S lotion products always be my first choice since it can quickly absorb into the skin. It is not sticky like other brands. It smell nice and very useful to solve my dry skin problem. However, I never try this new JOHNSON'S BODY CARE OXYGEN FRESH GEL LOTION, hope I can get some samples of it.

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