4.6 5 0 57 57 <ul> <li>Mini bite version of Kinder Bueno bar</li> <li>With milk and hazelnut flavor</li></ul>
Kinder Bueno Mini
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Sangat sedap..anak2 n saya sgt suka..rasa coklat yg sedap mesti berebut bila dpt..
Easy to carry around
Always like the Kinder Bueno myself, this pack of the mini size of it is so easy to carry around, inside the bag and bite-size. Perfect for the party too, just one thing that since its bite-size I have to the whole pack by myself hahaha
This product can make people go crazy :P its just so tasty and addicting
Creamy and delicious, I loved it and I don't usually like chocolate
Jangan kata anak. Saya pun suka makan Kinder Bueno Mini. Memang jadi pilihan kami seisi keluarga terutamanya waktu beriadah !!
Kinder bueno mini,plhan kami skluarga,xpnah xbli...hari2 kinder bueno...
Kinder Bueno is my favorite chocolate all the time. It taste so good that the chocolate melt in your mouth and rich with hazelnut flavor. Once you try you cant stop eating! You run the risk of addicting!
Sangat sedap hingga berebut dengan anak-anak... hehehe.. coklat kegemaran seisi keluarga.. like it so much !
I'm on a keto diet and this is my only weakness. Please do not put this in front of me. I am weak to something so addictive such as this.
kinder bueno menjadi kegemaran dan pilihan anak- anak saya.rasanya coklatnya sangat enak
KINDER BUENO MINI nyummy...pls someone make stop loving it..memang sedap dan boleh dikongsi bersama
Perfect chocolate to go with bitter smooth coffee! Absolutely delicious with its hazelnut creamy filling.
My children favourites! All the delicate layers and textures of a Kinder Bueno works in harmony together to create a taste experience that is deliciously different. Mini size not only cute on looking and taste still maintain delicious. Conveniece to my children to eat in one bite!
strongly recommend. Sedap and so melt =D all my love its. Pesanan, kalau beli make sure sorok dalam peti ais di celah-celah sayur. HAHA =D
Love this snack. My family like Kinder Bueno Mini while we watching movie and family gathering. You always part of our family.

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