Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof

4.7 5 0 29 29 Complement your style with this long-lasting, super waterproof eyeliner. Give an attractive touch to your eyes with the easy-to-draw ultra-thin 0.1 mm brush!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof


The best non-counter brand mascara around
It opens up my eyes as if I had an eyelash uplift AND it stays like that through out the day. The only downside is that you’ll need a good makeup remover to remove it, but for that effect I’m willing to spend a longer time removing it.
For those who want waterproof curled long lashes
The mascara is very waterproof (once i forgot to remove the eye mascara and went shower and it turned out fine!). This mascara also able to "lengthen" my lashes through several coating of mascara (there's some fibre in the mascara). All in all, totally RECOMMEND this!
water proof proven
recommended by many friends so i gave it a try and it definitely a good product. i love using it as my lashed become thicker and longer after application. one thing to note is that you will need a oil based make up remover to clean it since it's water proof. high recommended to those with thin and short lashes.
it saved my oily eyes!!!
used a lot of different mascara but still mashup after few hours I hang out... but this is not, also made my eye make up look clean and better! all my friend was using after I recommend for them.
Best mascara I ever had
LOVE this mascara. I have super straight lashes that can't remain curled for the life of me and I have oily lids that makes my mascara smudges. And my life CHANGED once my sister introduced me to Kiss Me. No more smudged mascara, and my lashes still remains beautifully curled!
best mascara
bought this based on the @cosme review and so far loving it. super long lasting and really great in waterproof and extends my eyelashes after apply.
Super waterproof mascara. Doesnt smudge & easy to apply. The price is quite expensive for me. About RM50++. But it does the job perfectly. Please use makeup remover to remove all the mascara.
Best mascara for stubborn lashes
This would be the mascara I bring to the grave and you're gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. It's extremely waterproof; it's lasted through long sessions of tears, snorkeling, hiking, 16-hour shifts at work and more. This mascara just doesn't budge and smudge at all. It also helps to hold the curl of my eyelashes all day long without any eyelash primer and the fibers in the formula helps to lengthen my lashes without getting clumpy. On the downside, this mascara is pretty difficult to remove but I find that double cleansing with an oil cleanser does the job. Honestly, I'd keep repurchasing this again and again because nothing else works so well for my lashes.
The best mascara
Have been purchased this product for several times!! This mascara is oil proof and wont smudge, perfect for my oily eyelid! It also curled for whole day, can last more than 18 hours! This is my only choice for mascara.
Great -- but only for a while
It made my eyelashes look really long and fluttery! I like the look it gave me, especially because it holds my curled eyelashes well. The only problem with it is that it just doesn't feel nice throughout the day. Made my eyelashes feel stiff and irritated my eyes (I remembered I kept having to rub my eyes and blink a couple of times throughout the day just to ease it a bit). As a result of having to rub my eyes due to the irritation, it left smudges here and there (though that's arguably my fault for picking at my eyes haha). 3 out of 5 because while I would love to wear this out for quick outings, I wouldn't be able to rely on wearing it out the entire day.
Best Mascara in lash lengthening
this mascara has always stood by me as a great, everyday go to. It lengthens my lashes without making them clumpy.
Non smudge and non clump mascara
I like it, this is because it won't smudge and clump my eyes. it can hold up my lashes for the whole day. I always apply it without drawing eyeliner, but it still do emphasize my eyes.
mascara to try
What i like about this mascara is it does not smudge. I have tried many mascara before and i hate the fact that they smudge after a few hours wearing it. Only that i felt the content is a bit dry
All eyes on you
I love this makes my eyelashes thick & look longer and looks natural is waterproof, so don’t worry about it getting smudged.Highly recommended!
Kiss me heroine make long dan curl mascara super waterproof
Bulu mata lebih panjang dan tahan lebih lama.very love it when use

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